Women Who Use Sexuality to Sell, Influence, and Gain Power

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by jcl1990, Oct 20, 2021.

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    I read your succubus post, too. Some great points on there. Well, yep I just need to stay aware of my own biological system's vulnerabilities. And yea, I was first exposed to pornography as a teenager, unfortunately. Never stood a chance against such a strong temptation back then. I was completely ignorant of the power of this sexual bait.

    O well, the past is over, and a new, better phase of life can still happen. A life without porn and masturbation.

    Thanks for the response and link to your previous post!
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  2. It's good to learn to see the truth in and behind things.
    It will help to become and stay free.
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    Not sure if I agree about all the media anchors/execs graduating from the same schools, but I can totally agree there is a leftist, elitist culture that spreads through many media organizations, universities, and influencers. They're the fucking worst.

    I'm tryna stay anonymous but I went to one the most liberal unis in the US (we were called out by Trump for being so ridiculous). The students in the humanities departments, especially grad students, say the dumbest shit, some of the professors openly float communist ideas (none of the STEM professors though hahaha), and everyone gives us a bad name. I'm very straight and very white but I have tons of friends that are bi, gay, trans, fluid, whatever the fuck else they have in the alphabet army anymore. I just don't give a fuck anymore hahaha, I can hang if you can, which most people can.

    As someone that goes to one of these "Marxist" schools full of "empowered women", please to do not get your news from CNN, MSNBC, HuffPost, Vice, or anything like that. Use local news outlets first off (they're always way more moderate regardless of geographic area), and if you want more then use a bias-crosser like AllSides or Ground News. Make sure you're looking news pieces from many different viewpoints. Don't get any of your news from Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Plzzzzzzzzzzzz do not use Twitter. No one on there is real, they're all addicted to outrage and tweeting more than we are to porn. Twitter is such a shitshow, do not use it or look at it.

    I am almost as left-wing or progressive as it gets in the social side of politics, and I actively encourage everyone I know to not engage with big media corporations at all. They're basically entertainment at this point. I call their content "life porn" because like porn about sex, it completely distorts all its content, force feeds you it with constant novelty and shock, and gets you addicted without you even knowing.

    I also understand why people think the media causes conflict between men and women. It might happen online, but I am around some of the most aggressive feminists and they still high five me when I tell em I shafted some Tinder date. There might be lots of arguments online, but those are barely even real people haha.
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    People in general will use whatever tools are available to gain money and power at the cost of your own best interests. Its not really a male/female thing.
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    @Candun took about 30 words to say what I did in 400, only better. Which is why I am not a poet.

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