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  1. Just curious—- I enjoy seeing how universal pa and its remedy is. It works across the world it’s amazing.

    Seems going down the “gender-specific” path will require more definitive answer.

    I HAD to reread your old posts after seeing this request and I don’t see or know what you said to trigger creepy guys; but tbh you should report any unwanted or harassing messaging. Keeps everyone accountable and safe.
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    I'd say only female born women then. Should I change the description of the group accordingly?

    What I'm referring is to the things I've posted in groups not public forums (sometimes simply posting that I've relapsed would get me those PMs) like a guy who was obsessive about how I relapsed and when and how many times(it seems normal but you get uncomfortable when they keep asking after you decline to answer) another one wanting to "get to know me" and one asking about my name and where I'm from..etc
    Also, other girls have told me about their experiences.
    I do report them, but the mods think that I should just "ignore" the person because they don't see direct harassment.
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  3. Ohhh I see what you mean. Actually I had a guy do that to me and I didn’t expect that kind of intimate questioning from a guy either !

    as a rule addicts (me included) are bad about setting good boundaries. Once I set them with him I had no additional issues.

    I guess I can’t join your group but if the forums isn’t a safe space for expression then the whole site is lost.
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    I wouldn't bother, just wait and see what happens. It's an edge case, and may never crop up. But it's your call, your group. One thought I did have was to make sure that there's a second group admin, a woman you trust, just in case you ever need to go AWOL. I know one of the moderators is a woman, @[email protected] I think, but you may have others here in mind.
  5. One Strong Girl

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    Yeah it’s uncomfortable. I usually start with saying that I am ok with chatting to a guy as long as we are both respectful. And if either of us is uncomfortable about something, then they should let the other know.

    thanks for understanding (it’s tiring to get a point across these days because you never know what reactions you’d get).
  6. One Strong Girl

    One Strong Girl Fapstronaut

    I just hope nobody takes it personally.
    I’m waiting for the group to expand (we’re only 3 now!) and I’ll make sure to have another admin.
    Thanks for the suggestion!
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