Won My First Battle Againt Fapping Urge (90 Days)

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    I am so happy that I have successfully crossed 90 days and I am still on my journey to winning the battle of urge and porn trigger for the rest of my life...I have gone through lots of difficult as well as heavenly situations. In these 90 days, I have learned that life will not always be positive neither negative, but it will dynamically change based on the activities we are doing in a regular interval of time.

    Let me first list down the positive things that I have faced during this 90 days:

    1.Clear Mind:
    It means that whenever an urge or a trigger occurs I have the patience to think about its later effects that I am gonna have in my life. so I can plan accordingly and in the correct way to proceed with my life.

    2. Music is more pleasurable than sex:
    When my NoFap streak keeps on increasing my sense of feeling and emotions are also started increasing, because of that whenever I hear music I will just sink to it deeply...Now it makes me feel that music is 100 times pleasurable and motivating things than Masturbation (It is demotivating).

    3.Vision Clarity:
    I can feel the difference in my vision before and after NoFap. Before NoFap my eyes are so tired and dry that looked awkward, but now I can see the fluid in my eyes and whenever I see nature's beauty it is difficult for me to take my eyes off from it.

    4.Social Anxiety:
    I am not saying my social anxiety is completely gone, But I can see a humongous improvement in the way I am talking to a new person in public. even I cant able to believe that I have talked to that person so calmly and clearly.

    5.Hair Health:
    I can not believe this change, before starting this journey I had very little and so weak hairs in my face(Beard) and body but now I can see the quality of hair newly growing in my body.

    These are just the positives that I remember right now, but really I have seen a lot more benefits than these 5 points I have said above.

    Let me share the Negatives that I have faced,

    1.The Flatline:
    During flatline, I was not able to do even simple tasks such as lifting a 6kg of weight because before that I had used to do the exercises daily. But at this time I felt so tired I was not satisfied with my sleep.

    2.Wet Dreams:
    Some people may say a wet dream is pleasurable and some may say it is not good, but I felt sad for even lacking that few drops of prostate juice from my body. It will help me to gain some new muscle or will heel the dead cells.

    since I had not watched any porn content for some time I started getting an erection for even small things like a normal girl standing in the advertisement or in tv shows. I had suffered a lot to come away from those triggers during these 90 days.

    That's all, actually, when you are doing NoFap It is actually easier to find the positives than the negatives because there is no negative thing present in it until and unless we consider something as negative.

    During these 90 days I had watched some seducing contents, but I have controlled me at that time to not masturbate and remove those thoughts from my mind permanently. I have watched some kinds of stuff accidentally because of some random 18+ ads on youtube (while learning) and also in Browsers (While I am doing some research about my subject). I have reported them several times but they are still showing that unwanted stuff to me. But I am not gonna watch those stuff anymore...

    Thank you guys for those who read my post patiently and supported me during these entire 90 days.

    My Journey of NoFap Will Continue For The Rest Of My Life
  2. GrandRising

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    Congrats man! An epic achievement and I like your breakdown of the positives and negatives. Inspires me. Thanks for sharing your journey.
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    Good step! Now you've got something valuable and you want to keep it!
    Can you tell us more about most difficult times during these 90 days,like days1-5,days 9-12 etc .and how you owercame temptations during those times?
    Thanks in advance.
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  4. Goku@007

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    Yeah sure my friend, when I started NoFap the first 2 or 3 weeks seems to be tougher. But if you have guts to face the urges face to face (Means when a trigger or urge occurs you should aware that your mind gets tricked at any time so you have to be so alert mentally)...during the first few days of NoFap I had lots of temptations but I managed to heel them off with cold showers and I made a routine of watching motivational NoFap video daily, that helped me a lot in continuing my Journey.

    so when you feel like temptation is trying to control you or trying to make you fall into its trap, be careful and show it who you are.
    don't make this journey with a light-hearted way, take this journey in an aggressive way (when an urge or trigger occurs kill that with your hardcore workout session -> Be rude to that devil inside you otherwise it will rule you)

    The things that helped me to achieve this streak are:

    1.cold shower


    3.Daily Motivation (songs or talks)


    5. Try to quit social media applications or at least try to hide it in your phone so that you will not fall into the trap of watching something trigger you (Instagram, Facebook, youtube(Enable Restricted mode)....etc) Instead of social media try to join quora there you can get lots of life lessons.

    These are the things that helped me to come away from the temptations and trigger like a warrior my friend...

    Have a great journey ahead. (Waiting for you to reach 90 days and people will ask you about your secret)

    Goodbye, my friend.
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  5. Goku@007

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    Thanks for your appreciation man, yeah I have broken down the positives and negatives because some people are not able to continue their NoFap journey due to the confusion of which is positive and which one is negative. That's why I wanna make it easier for peoples to know about it clearly...I have faced all those confusing situations that are the reason for sharing my knowledge friend.

    I will be waiting for you to reach 90 days man ( Don't cheat me, friend )

    whenever you want any help I am ready to help you. so I will be accompanied on your journey from now on.so have the courage to face any problems like a warrior.

    goodbye, my friend.
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  6. Slider8

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    Thank you my friend for sharing the wealth of your experience.Much appreciated!
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  7. Enigma897

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    You are a legend in the making
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  8. Mahz --

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    Hey buddy, you're doing great so far, you have the guts to make it to more than just 100. Im 18 too and im glad to see us both going with this journey, and as you know the urges and thoughts will be there, you gotta fight it or best just ignore it, take it easy <3
  9. James Craig

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    Thanks for sharing your journey bro! I really liked that you talked about the music. I never imagined that power from music. Keep strong!
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  10. Maximus19

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    Really happy for you mate :), keep it up!

    Just thought I'd chime in by responding to the part when you said "I started getting an erection for even small things like a normal girl standing in the advertisement or in tv shows"

    I couldn't help but think you view this as a negative thing, so I just wanted to let you know that this is perfectly ok to react like this. Guess what man, you are a guy who is attracted to women, and there is nothing wrong with being aroused by this. Of course if you have had unhealthy arousal habits in the past, then I totally understand why you may feel nervous about falling back in them, but just know that these feelings are totally ok. Don't beat yourself up about it :)

    Next step is to find a wonderful girl who likes you for who you are, and who you can love in the way you've always wanted to.

    Inspirational journey mate, has actually inspired me.
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  11. GrandRising

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    Hey man, thanks so much for this. I really needed to hear that and to feel supported on this journey. I had some serious urges the last two days and I've managed to stay strong. I want to get 90 days and beyond. Thanks again :)

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