Won't woman be able to tell?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Awolnation28, Dec 27, 2016.

  1. Awolnation28

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    Hey guys i was just wondering your thoughts.

    my whole life i've been taught that woman are attracted to men who get a lot of attention from other woman. men who have healthy sex lives.

    so i get really conflicted and confused because nofap is saying. abstain from all that and you will have better success with woman.

    won't these woman be able to tell i haven't had sex on 4 months? isn't that a turnoff?
    i feel needy...

    reason i'm asking is cause i keep turning down casual sex with a few woman because this site has told me it will lead to being more attractive.
    but so far i just regret not going out and having. some fun.

    should i keep abstaining from casual sex? will this really lead to me being more attractive?

    it just feels like the longer i wait, the more woman will be able to see. i'm a guy who doesn't get any physical touch or attention from woman...

    what if my reboot takes a year? more?

    won't woman smell my desperation?
  2. Yurushite

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    You can always go Normal Mode.
    We aren't priests here after all, we're just trying to be healthier. But regarding your question, both are true. If you ejaculate too much (addicted) your body stops generating pheromones, which is what attracts women in the first place. On the other hand, having sex with women makes you subconsciously more confident in yourself, and women find that attractive as well. But if you fap to porn on a daily basis and meet no women, you aren't doing any of the above, therefore you aren't as attractive as you could be. And again, Normal mode is a thing.
  3. CuriousOrange

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    If the casual sex is going to wire your brain to pleasure with a real woman, a real connection between two people in a healthy intimate way then I think you should do it. Lucky you for having the opportunity, life is for living dude.

    But it could also be damaging, if it causes you to think badly about women or sex for example, so only you know really.
  4. NicoRobocop

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    I ve started 60 day hard mode... without sex... now I'm doing sex sometimes and I feel good
  5. Noelle

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    Women are attracted to guys that exude confidence. I've only dated a couple of guys so maybe take these words witha grain of salt. But appearances and looks are a novelty that get old pretty quickly.

    The men that I keep in my life, whether they're friends or boyfriends, are funny, charming, go-getters. In a perfect world, would I love to have a Calvin Klein model that moonlights as a Fullbright Scholar? Of course. But between a man's God-given appearance - which he has zero control over - and his personality I'm going with the latter, every time. :)
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  6. IggyIshness

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    Yea if they look at your nofap streak.

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