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  1. dungeon

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    i've gradually grown more concerned about my work ethic recently. i literally spend days swerving around things i'm supposed to doing in favour of some other, entirely counter-productive activity, and i'm beginning to note the potential impact on my future. i've basically got to where i am now on luck and bullshit, and these are two factors that won't work as get-out-of-jail-free cards forever.

    i make a point of not comparing myself to other people, but there's not a single person i can name who's essentially lazier than i am. i'm nineteen, have no job, do no work at university if it isn't at most two nights before the deadline, and every time any form of work makes itself apparent i immediately head the other way.

    my whole life has been easy, and the luxury of not doing work is one i've had two decades to become so accustomed to that any attempt to do work feels unnatural. it's an affliction and i'm beginning to notice what it could mean in the long run; shit job, shit place (or worse, sponging off my parents' place), no opportunities, no freedom, nothing. and that's the exact opposite of what i'm going for.

    anyone else feel this way? any tips on how to overcome it?
  2. DireWolf

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    of course i am, i got my first actual job at 26 years old and i have quitted jobs i hated really fast and i consider myself a lucky person because i always seem to land where there is a lot of nice people that make my way really mellow, but the main reason i work hard is because i want the day to go on faster.

    that doesnt sound good at all, besides i enjoy the confort money brings but at the same time i hate the fact that everyone has to work shit jobs they hate to pay for their stuff, so in closing i am a hypocrite and a lucky douche.

    but i change every day, bit by bit, into a better person, thats what i believe
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    Hi Dungeon, please can I recommend a couple of books that have helped me in this area as I truly believe knowledge is power (the good kind!)

    The first is 'A New Earth- Awakening to Your Lifes Purpose' by Eckhart Tolle and I don't care what ANYBODY says about this guy (I was skeptical at first for various reasons) this book ABSOLITELY addresses your concerns in a very clear and ultimately liberating way. Can't recommended it enough mate!

    The second is (and this is something I first read about 15 years ago) is 'Zen and the Art of Making a Living' by Laurence Boldt. This is quirlte an in-depth exploration about what work IS exactly and honestly I promise you if you put the time and effort into reading/studying those two books you will never view the subject in quite the same light again!

    I could go on and on (and have been known to! ) about this and the reasons I believe those 2 books will be so beneficial because its a 'problem' I can really relate to etc

    All the best to you
  4. aaron92

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    Hi Dungeon, what do you study at University? I'm a student too, feel free to PM me if you want to talk :)
  5. dungeon

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    wasn't aware this thread was still active, sorry for blanking everyone.

    thank you for the recommendations, john, i've been looking into getting some helpful literature by way of oiling this process a bit, and they sound good.

    and i study graphic arts, aaron.
  6. Mark

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    No worries. Just a quick after thought the Laurence boldt zen and the art of making a living also comes in a kind of much shorter 'introductory ' form called 'how to find the work you love' (or something like that) just worth a mention (is a cracking little read!):)
  7. You_Can_Do_lt

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    What a perfect thread for me. I'be skated through my entire life, mainly from talent alone, and hardly ever through hard work.

    I was blessed with athletic abilities that paid for my school, which I basically slept through and dropped out after my eligibility was up, a year before graduating.

    After dropping out, I ran away to Europe to play pro ball for a summer, and when I didnt find a team easily, I quit and went home.

    Landed a few go nowhere jobs before reading 'The Alchemist' by Paulo Coelho. Days after finishing that book, I quit my job to look for a "real job." I cant recommend that book highly enough.

    Recession hit, got laid off, landed another go nowhere job where I am now. Last time I quit PMO it lit a fire under my ass and I enrolled back into school to finish up. Been skating through that degree program with minimal effort. I've noticed my motivation in life waxes and wanes with my PMO addiction, for what that's worth.

    Anyway, just wanted to tell my story, and let you know you're not the only lazy bastard on the board. I definitely intend picking up the other books listed on this thread also.


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