Working on 6 month hardmode + 4 hours daily on my start up

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    hello everyone my name is sumer from india, and as i am here i am here to get out of my addiction porn and masturbation addiction because i know from my deep of my heart this things have ruined my life and i dont want to ruin my future i am trying this from last 2 years but failed because i used to replace this addiction by working on my startup i used to work day and night even result was great but from deep inside i was becoming dead body my startup is online based so used to work 12-13 hours on internet though i have specs no. 10 if i work like this soon i will blind and even after working so much i was empty from inside i used to search online approval from others like facebook, instagram and whatsapp and when i dont get that i used to fap i decided to leave my work but my friend told me dont leave this work only 4 hours a day then forget that you have a startup just enjoy the life so here i am only working 4 hours a day on my startup and on remaining time i will enjoy my life ( this does not mean bad things )

    Enjoy i mean to say is i am gonno follow my diet eat fruits , vegetables , healthy stuff and invest money on my health i will read books which i always want to read and will work on proper routine so this thread will be my 6 month journey to be free from pmo and survival of my startup lets go today i am on my 10th day
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    Day 12
    As we grow or as we complete 10+ days we start forgetting the guilt and we are full of energy and start taking risk , start going to social sites and increase the chances to relapse its nature of mind we are impatient and it normal same happens to me i am like lets do some more work but no i am on a mission to improve my life i am on something where i have to learn to be patient its a long term goal so its quiet difficult to be patient but by practice we can easily do it

    My main goal is to survive my startup these 6 month after that i can boom it.
    for survival
    1) i will be needing money for basic requirement ( i have to think about how to earn on working 4 hours a day )
    2)Patient because i have to learn to wait i know my friend my competitor will go forward then me but its fine everybody is running their own race for me this is important then any other thing so i wont be opening their stuff and keep on checking where they have reached
    3) routine ( this is the very important factor i was a person who have no proper timing to eat,no proper timing to sleep, no proper timing to do anything doing things with timing is alot important and yes i am working on my routine its little bit uncomfortable to do those things which we dont want to do but which are good for us to do i am arranging my routine ups and down are there but it will be arrange within 2 weeks )
    4)Guru / Mentor : kishor is my mentor when i am having any problem in this he help me he is my yogi raman of monk who sold his ferrari.

    Little goals achieve : 1) today i ran 1 km continuously (i used to run 500m daily but i heard davvin goggin and his life story i was inspired and i ran 1 Km soon i will increase after 1 week )
    2) order the book no more mr. nice guy and will start today ( i am lucky that i am getting those books and time to read the book which i always want to read )thanks god for this .

    thats is for today
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    Day 21
    i must say i am a quick learner first congrats to me i completed my 21 days with my routine also i have not only stopped PMO but also started to exercise and follow the diet which means i working hard on replacing the habit with new one
    and it was easy to alot easy o complete these 21 days because i was busy in these new habbits

    1) i am lagging in sales and i am alot confuse i was working 12-13 hours and at that time also i used to think i must work more now its only 4 hour it quiet difficult but not impossible i have to plan and i can easily survive because i am smart from deep inside i know that survival is not a difficult task for me but to boast this yeah thats little bit challenging while working 4 hours a day
    so hows everything going on
    many things are there to do like
    1)i have to upload videos on youtube
    2) i have to handle people and find people to create videos
    3) i have to handle sales
    4) i have to handle paper work like registration and in startup there are alot of work apart of your real work and while you are working alone then its queit challenging
    5) i am missing alot of stuff which i must not miss i have to focus on what is important
    6) i have to plane everything within this 4 hours like lincoln said if i get 4 hours to cut a tree i will take 3 hours to sharp my axe
    thats it

    Personal life

    -i am going great my stamina is increasing i can run 1 mile continuously and can do 7 pulls up i will soon increase this my 10 pull up and 2 mile i have with my body supporting me to push my self

    -i was not properly following diet i understand one thing if you want to follow your diet put that in routine then you dont have to follow it will automatically will be done so i am focusing to put the things in routine and i have surprised by its outcome

    I am reading a book No more Mr Nice Guy in which there are alot of breaking free activities and i am working on them which is making me free and open from inside

    i am getting urgues to talk to girls and i think i am not emotionally ready yet so i will wait for atleast 3 more weeks then i will go an approach women so have to handle this urgue

    i am facing challenges daily and now negative thoughts are less
    i am learning to set priorities
    feeling fit and muscular
    free in conversation with people

    Yes i am afraid that even if this wont work yes i am afraid to fail but i will do this till my last breate of my life

    happiness is my rights
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    we have to set priorities and keep our need first
    like one day i was having only 1 hour i made notes of my work rather then reading the book i always want to read because from deep core belief its wrong to do your personal work but hell with this now if i get even 30 mins i will read my book rather then working on my start up my first priority is me then my work once i am good my work will be fantastic
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    Hey Sumer, I think cutting your work time down from 13 hours to 4 is a brave decision. If 4 hours still feels like a toll maybe you can split more of the work with your team? Anyways, I hope it works out well :)

    I think this is a good idea; however, don’t expect those girls to feel your positive changes from Nofap because (A) they don’t know you as much you or your friends do, and (B) it doesn’t matter, you’re not doing this for them anyway. So if you find yourself trying too hard to gain their approval, that’s the Nice Guy residue in you, meaning you still have more to improve.

    Good luck
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    Day 23
    The urgues to talk to girl are increasing and i realize i am comparing myself to others i have to educate my mind on this 2 topics

    i will write tomorrow what information i got on this if you have any other information on this please give me .

    Giving yourself your first priority is challenging because it feels we are selfish but its ohk to be selfish so work on you to invest on you i am lucky my start up is giving at least some amount of money so i cant feed my needs atleast 5 more months and i need that much time only

    my startup is growing i have a great plan to increase the scale exponentially and yes i have 5 month more to improve this plan i want to tell you one thing its very easy to sit once and complete the full task but very hard to do one task in parts its makes us anxious and we are generation of full impatient people but slowly slowly i am learning to be patient everything happens for a reason.
    i am preparing my self to boast my startup and this 5 more month is like that Chinese bamboo tree which grow its root for 5 years and then after 5 years the bamboo start coming and within 6 weeks they grow till 100 feet exponential startup are also like that only prepare your self as much as you can i am understanding my self understanding the life and i am doing the right thing which i can.

    Health :
    The most important factor is health eating good food but food is good for health may not be good to taste
  8. Great progress Bhai. Hope you keep going forever on this path.
    I too have quit my job and I am working on a YouTube channel and a website. Won't call my idea a start up now. Wish you all the best in your journey. I am quite good with video editing and content writing. Do let me know if you ever need help in that :)
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    thanks brahma kumar happy to hear that whats your youtube channel name
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    yo whazz up everyone Completed my one month on 32th day

    Sorry i was not doing journaling was bit busy in my mind and now i am slowly calming down

    so whats the update

    Personal life
    - i think alot and now i am working on my overthinking process
    -listening positive affirmation using motivation videos
    - Doing things for me and thing what i love makes me feel special and lovable
    -yeah negative thoughts are there but hell with them i am happy with all my imperfection and all my talent.
    and i started loving my self and thinking to have a bigger vision in life

    -Confuse its little hard to slow down the work because in startup there is alot of work but i will short it out and will daily write in my journal form now
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    i dont know that much journaling but i will do my way

    Woke up at 7:10 now after 1 month of practice i can easily wake early in the morning today after exercise and getting i didnt directly went to office i readed the book i want to read at home watched a motivational videos told my self yes i can handle any situation which come in my way and its making me stronger

    today my friends who was trying to leave smoking addiction smoked because a girl ditch him i understood from that experience we are not emotionally that strong yet to get into relationship we have to become mentally stronger not to prove any one but for ourself and must have that courage whatever people say to us doesnt matter that atitude i want to get

    Business or startup

    I have to prepare myself from small practise like how to focus on single task i jumble many times but i can train my mind for that thats it for today

    drink 2 litre water
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    i woke up at 7 am in the morning went to garden for jogging
    1)i even started gym previous week but i left that i was not that much interested i want to gain some weight but i think i must eat good and healthy food and do some basic exercise untill my heart says go to gym and yes i will go to gym and make good body

    2)Brain Fog is still there i think alot but i am using a tool i ask my self at this moment what is the thing most important to me and i start doing that even if i am not feeling to do that.

    3) i am controlling to urgues to no pmo but there is a greater urgue of talk to girls have a girl friend my mind make stories when he see a girl and i want to control this mind i am not saying i dont want a girl i am saying i will have girl friend once i am in my control not for only my desire mind is saying to have girl to have sex i am a man of respect and self esteem my main exams will be now in india function is going on where everybody comes and dance together and many beautiful girls also come i have a great desire to go but i wont because i know my mind will create a good story and will get attach to some girl and i am emotionally week at this moment i have to train my mind and it will take time so till that no girls

    Start up

    when you are new to startup you dont earn any money and once you started earning some amount of money you think its alot of money no you deserve great amount of money bro so dont be happy by seeing little bit amount and always focus on big picture like your health is important this is not a 2-3 months game its a game of years you are putting your time , efforts and you are creating your dream into reality so give it some time dont just run behind the money run behind the big picture
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    I understand your frustration with girls. Sometimes when I’m in a similar situation, I think of the difference between girls and barbells. A 100kg barbell will never let you lift itself unless you are powerful enough to do so. That’s why when you’re finally able to lift it, you know you’ve earned it through nothing but effort. But when it comes to attracting a girl, your “success” depends not just on your effort but also on that girl’s selfish needs. And who knows if they know what they truly want?
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    i didnot understood this message much but what i learn from this is yes we have train ourself and put efforts to our self control so that we can win from ourself to this girls attraction and become master of our fate and then we can achieve anything even girls will be attracted to us and that time there will be real conversation
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    Day 36

    i am going good and feeling mascular also i am observing positive energy inside me now i am able to handle difficult situation No more mr nice guy book is helping me alot to make my mentality stronger and helping me to understand my own self and behavior but yeah sometimes its hard to be consistent on reading books but bring that thing in routine and everything else will be fine i am doing that. let me share you my routine

    wake up at 7 am
    7-8:30 Go to garden do some basic exercise and feel the morning
    8:30-10:0- get fresh , prey and have my break fast
    10: 00 - read the book No more mr nice guy
    10:30 : plan the day
    11:00- reach the office
    11:30 - arrange the office cleaning and all
    12:00-3:00- work (doing those task which must be done to run my startup even i dont like to do )
    3:00- go home to have lunch
    4-6 take some break
    6- back to office plan to do some work
    7:00- Do gym at office only
    8-10: Do remaining work
    10 - leave to home


    Here in my startup planning is lacking there is no plan its just going with the flow which is not good and because of that my time is getting wasted and i am doing
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    What I mean is we should spend more time in areas where our effort will be impartially rewarded, and less on impressing girls. Attraction will happen regardless of our effort to be attractive.
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  17. That's a great schedule Bhai. Keep that going.

    You might like this too -

    Bhai mein yaha pe bahot kam time spend karta hu aajkal. Even being on nofap and getting those notifications can be addictive and rewarding.

    Wish you all the best. Mein bhi ek YouTube channel aur site pe kaam kar raha hu. Would share with you someday once I upload at least 15 videos. Life is so much better without PMO man.
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    now i understood this thanks
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    chalo koi baat nahi bhai keep going agar koi youtube related help cahiye rahengi toh puchna voh kaam thoda ache se aate hai meko
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