Workout at home to get ribbed

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by BetterPerson, Aug 2, 2014.

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    Workout at home to get ripped

    Hi there, before I began this streak I decided to get six pack for couple of reasons:
    One to be confident more, to get sexy and get girls attention, and most important to Keep my mind off p***. I'm 78 kgs and 176 cm long which makes it easy to get it.
    However, I need your help with something, I feel I'm less motivated than my day one I don't know why, is there anything I can do? Is there anyone who is trying or already got ripped so I can get some tips?
    I know I have to go to gym but I'm planning to get used to exercise at home so I can go to gym with more motivation and since I'm not an athletic at all so I keep it at the low profile to get used to it like I said.

    Here is what I do and please tell me if I'm what I'm doing right or wrong or I need to do more;
    -1 set of 25 crunches.
    -1 set of 20 bycycles.
    -1 set of 20 push ups.
    -1 set of 20 set ups.
    -1 set of 10 v ups
    - I used to run for a half hour but I'm resting because my knee was hurting but it is better now.
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  2. NoBrainer

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    Hi there

    I agree with Abel, you won't get abs solely by working out, you'll get abs by working out AND dieting. Dieting is the hard part lol. I have good core strength at the moment but I'm not toned on my stomach since I don't eat sensibly enough.

    Motivation is hard if you're trying to work out at home. If you're already going to a gym, why not do the workout there? You can mix up your workouts too. Say you do weights twice a week, then cardio once a week (in a different session), or weights once a week, cardio once a week.

    One great thing you can do is high intensity strength training. It's great for cardiovascular fitness, but you're also building and toning muscle at the same time. You could do the circuits at home or at the gym.

    For example my current circuit is:
    -15 burpees
    -10 push ups
    -10 assisted single leg squats each leg
    -20 curl ups
    -250m row

    All of that x3 and do it as fast as possible.

    So you could condense what you're doing at the moment into a circuit and focus on doing it fast. And if you want to work more on abs, substitute a few more ab based exercises into the work out.

    Hope this helps, but remember- eat healthy!

  3. Hiroki

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    I'll post my ab routine tomorrow, it's insane. Too long for me to do right now lol.

    It's a lifelong progression, you start with the beginner progression which could take a month or more to progress on to intermediate from, but it's going to take possibly a year or more to even be capable of doing the advanced progression, and once you hit advanced it's a 5 day a week routine after a month of 3 days (M,W,F). Same routine everyday, insane variations and total rep count. Hit your core from every which way possible. By the time you can even manage the advanced level for even 3 days a week, you will have a core shredded beyond belief.

    Combine that with HIIT or SIT (short distance burst cardio like 100 or 200m sprints, or anything around 30 sec. of all out maximum cardiovascular exertion for several sets) and you will be straight cut and jacked.
    8-12 pack material.
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  4. BetterPerson

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    Thank you, yeah I've been doing good with food and it was hard.
    I no longer eat fast food so we do cook healthy food.
    No more cola or smoke for me, I'm sure I did lose some fat but I'm going to do what I planned to do.
    Thanks guys for the great tips :D
  5. If you want to gain six packs:

    * You need to reduce body fat DRAMATICALLY. Even if you have strong developed muscles, they will be covered by fat.

    * It's important to exercise CORRECTLY. "Less is more". You need to EXHAUST your muscles, and then you need to give them A PAUSE.

    Exhausting can be done by VERY SLOW repetitions. Scientist found that 90 seconds are enough, but YOU MUST GO TO THE LIMIT. There is the "super slow" training mode, where you're doing very few exercises, but you are doing them extremely slow and your are going to your absolute limit. After 90 seconds, you should not be able to make the slightest move.

    Then, pausing is important. 2-3 days! If you train too much, then your muscle cannot gain. You will feel tired, even get ill, etc.

    Read a little bit about muscle types and how muscles are working.
  6. adriatik28

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    Hello Betterperson. In a way, I relate to your situation of feeling less motivated the following day or even during the first couple of weeks. I've been on and off the gym for 3 years now and it wasn't until I joined nofap that I fully committed to exercise.

    For me, it wasn't until I hit an all time low when I started my commitment to exercise and I was halfway through my nofap challenge. More than a month ago, I told myself, "What's there to lose when you're so f***** up anyway?" I'm glad I took the first step and I never regret it. The first day was really memorable - I went out for an early morning jog, went home for a couple of routines, and I never felt so alive for the longest time in my life.

    I surfed the net for workout routines and exercises. It's intimidating at first, but it's always good to start with the basics. It wasn't easy for me to do the routines at first, so I had to pace myself. I reminded myself that since I do my routines at home, there's no excuse for me to perform it properly. The first week was also a time for me to experiment and see what fits me. I also had to use equipment I had. I have a pair of dumbbells and of course, my own body. Even if there's no equipment at home, there's no excuse as we have our own bodies to serve as weights. My current routine is a combo of weightlifting, core workouts, and yoga (which I really like, no matter how difficult some of the poses are).

    Motivation is all in the mind. I really am not athletic. I am not a gym person either (which is part of the reason why my gym membership didn't last long). I had to exercise everyday for the first week to accustom myself to routine. It also helps to find your comfortable schedule and stick to it. I did my workouts in the morning during the first week, and I had to wake up early which isn't my thing. So I moved it to late afternoons and have been keeping that schedule up to now. If you start at a certain time and stick to it, your mind and body follows. You will find a way to exercise because your mind and body tells you to do so. I also changed my eating habits 2 weeks before committing to exercise, so it complements the routine and it seems everything's started to fall in the right place. Rest is also important. So I schedule a 2-day rest throughout the week.

    It might seem like you're not losing the weight at the first week, but you'll start to feel something different already. It's a different scenario for everyone, but it wasn't until the middle of the 4th week that I actually saw physical changes. Losing the weight is physical, but it also affects you mentally and emotionally. I've never felt so good about myself. Now, I want to get "ripped" and gain that arms, chest, and of course the abs. It's not easy and it's long-term, but why should I stop now? And yeah, I hope the girls notice. The right kind of girls, that is.

    Hope this helps man. Trust me, it's all worth it. Our bodies will thank us for it.
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  7. BetterPerson

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    So I'm supposed to not having much exercises? It does makes sense but the thing is I don't know if I'm overdoing it but I saw videos on YouTube and saw tgem these sets of exercises and of course by following a diet.I guess I need check about it because I'm trying to do something I always determined to do and got bored in the middle.
  8. BetterPerson

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    Thank you for encouraging, it really made think I'm not the only one with low will.
    I always been that kinda of person that always start of something and failed in the end,that's why I have to start leaving P... and move on so I can tell myself that I did something I always wanted to.
    Yeah I'm now more motivated to be better mentally but I never gave attention physically so here I am starting getting ripped and I know it is hard but nothing is impossible right?
  9. adriatik28

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    Yeah, I've learned that nothing is impossible - the evidence is in the weight loss, man, and that's only the beginning. For me, I really had a difficulty going to the gym, which I mentioned earlier. I was intimidated, probably because I was new and it's not my comfort zone. I was also intimidated by the guys who work out, even if they weren't really doing anything to me. "Spotlight effect" maybe. Physical wasn't really my forte as I believed the cultivation of the mind and soul must come first. Or I was just making excuses.

    The home is a good place to start. "Experiment" and find what works for you during your first 2 weeks. Once you find a routine that you like, stick to it for 6 weeks or so just to see if it makes a significant difference in you. There's a tendency that we give up after 2-3 weeks into the workout because we don't see changes. That's what I read before I started. I didn't really get the routine first time around, but still no excuse for me not to continue. I had to practice proper form, so I can perform well. I'm no expert but your body will adjust and always make sure to remember form first before execution. Commitment is also important. I had to make a personal commitment - the same commitment I make in my academics. Let's just say I'm more of into books-and-reading-kind-of-guy.

    Nofap helped me a lot in refocusing things and priorities in my life. It was like a wakeup call. In retrospect, if I didn't join, maybe I'd still be the same person who doesn't really care about personal health. Even now, I'm still losing the weight and dropping the pant sizes. It still amazes me, and makes me happy. It makes me want to do more and being "ripped" would really be awesome. You can do it too, man. Before you know it, you'll be shedding the pounds (or kilograms, if you're into metric system like me), be more comfortable in your own skin, and it boosts your confidence.

    Before I forget, don't let anyone (family included) put you down during the process. Some people may notice a change and make fun of you and make it seem like a joke. Leave them be. Don't hate in return. Just continue and let your body speak for itself.

    More power to you bro and there's no better time to start but now!
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    You need to do what works for you. Whether its lots of reps, heavy weight, circuit work, or even plyometrics specific moves. The best thing you can do for your body before worrying about how it looks is becoming stronger. PERIOD. Stronger body, stronger mind. Also, the body is built in the kitchen and torn down in the gym. So you need to eat well and stay away from processed foods. Even if you have to cook the same meal 3 times a day, as long as it hits all your nutrition goals, DO IT. For a while I would eat two chicken breasts and a large sweet potato with spinach/kale salad three times a day. Its completely boring
    and bland. Every girls eyes on you in the gym(HELL the guys too lol) isnt boring. Talk about self confidence.

    Get the diet dialed in to what foods you ALLOW yourself to eat and still be a few hundred calories below what your BMR is. Check out a BMR calculator online to get an idea of how much you should eat. Get you a pedometer or a polar watch to track your steps. Take 10,000 steps a day and do some resistance work everyday. Doesnt have to be alot but make sure you feel you have taxed your muscles enough to make everyday activities harder or uncomfortable but not impossible. If your diet is in check and you are pushing yourself everyday you will see results quickly. Just remember, the body adapts quickly. Increase the intensity or the time under tension(how long each set takes) and you will continue to improve with plateaus. Even if you just dialed in the diet and kept that consistent you would see improvements.

    Lifting weights and sprints are the ONLY PROVEN supplements out there in my opinion. Nothing changes your as fast as that combination. Lift and sprint with a day rest in between workouts and you will look like a brand new person in 6 weeks. Start slow of course, and make sure you arent hurting your joints. Eat meat, greens, and complex carbs three times a day. Good, hearty meals that are good for you. Once you get to a weight you are happy with, and are happy looking in the mirror...then look to amplifying that with fat burners or preworkouts. But not before. Let your body and its hormones take time to reset to the knew fat burning version of you. Keep a journal and write down everything, food intake and workouts...everyday. Its a journey...not a destination. Good luck!
  11. Zyzz's Witnesses

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    Everybody gave tips for workouts etc and said the most part of the abs are done in the kitchen but nobody explained what to stop eating like white bread, cut the junk food etc..?
  12. Ostrich12

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    Well that's a big question!
    Short answer though: cut out sugar.
    And not just the white stuff you sprinkle on your cornflakes either!
    Anything with sugar in it needs to be cut down. And remember all carbohydrates are is basically complex sugars that are broken down into simple sugars by the body. So cut out all obvious sugar, like cakes, chocolate, soda, junk food.(all junk food has sugar in it, it's why it tastes good). Then cut down your carbs like bread pasta and rice. Then do an insane work out 5 times a week for 2 years and you will be ripped!
    Or learn how to flex fat.
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    hindu squats and dands + dynamic tension
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