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Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by Mr. Robot, May 5, 2020.

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    I'm in uncharted territory, this is my 11th day of no PMO. I've never made it this far without cheating or failing. I'm talking to a girl on a dating app and I like her so much that I feel like she's the driving force behind me taking this seriously this time. It's probably going to take a while to meet, because of the virus and she lives in another city.

    I'm finding myself less inclined to be generally aroused by women I see on TV etc, but I'm concerned about the dreaded flatline. I don't think I'm there yet, and I'm concerned about when it will come and how long it will last. I really like her, and I don't want to meet her a month or two from now and be flatlined at the time.
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  2. The same problem. I think the only way to deal with it is to speed up recovery by:
    -physical exercises;
    -cold shower;
    -study and work it is like medicine for rebooters;
    Also, you can prepear for the date when it comes if you will be in flatline:
    -listen motivating music or to do smth that will boost your confidence;
    -physical exercises;
    -cold shower;
    Remeber, that it's better to complete reboot that fail for instant benefits. Cause rebooting will be harder on the early stage of relationships when you start to see each other.
    Good luck:)
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    It is good that you found a motivation to stay clean but is not a good idea when it´s because of a girl you just spoke a couple of times. Is a fact that she is speaking to you and many other guys, girls are bombarded with chat request on Online apps. Maybe in 1 month she gets bored of you or find a guy living closer to her that is a better match to her and stop texting with you, then your motivation is no longer there and you can easily relapse. You need to do this for YOU! as a way to improve yourself as a man.

    Take it easy! you don´t know this woman in person yet and you are already crazy about her. What if you go out with her and she don´t look like the pictures in the app or she is boring to talk to in person or you find out a lot of red flags she has. Maybe she don´t like sex or she really suck at doing it. Maybe you go out and you just don´t click in the date and never see each other again.

    The numbers say that for every 100 women you speak to.. you end up going out with 10 of them and only sleeping with 3 or 4. You are so worried that you can have ED with her in a few monhts when the reality is that you are probably not going to end in bed with her.

    Work on yourself for you, to improve as a man and a lover and when the time comes for you to have sex you will see the benefits of your effort.

  4. No offense, Sir, but you might be setting yourself up for some trouble.

    You are trying to date a woman in another city,

    worried about a problem that may never affect you,

    and are in a streak for the first time.

    I would ditch the girl and just focus on your own life.

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