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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Kurmutziku, Oct 19, 2021.

  1. Kurmutziku

    Kurmutziku Fapstronaut

    Something just crossed my mind and that's my concern for young kings. Fortunately for me, TikTok and social media didn't become big until my early twenties. Now teenage boys are looking at girls shaking their bodies on social media and can't help but become addicted to PMO. It's much easier than ever before to become hooked. Probably why I'm seeing more feminine males, especially the younger ones. I don't think there's much we can do about it which makes me upset. I am a healing addict myself and am trying to fight the urges so imagine someone that doesn't even try to fight them.

    Just a rant. Thanks for reading and hope y'all stay strong in this crazy world we live in.
  2. fishfoody

    fishfoody Fapstronaut

    Tik Tok is how porn is normalized in society. I haven't made a tiktok account and never will. The amount of stupid people who are thirsty for attention are alarming.

    a lot of women particularly young girls dance (often in sexual) ways to get likes. Tik tok is toxic and sadly so many youths flocks to tik tok because all the cool kids use it.

    other than normalizing PMO, social media is destructive for mental health by design.

    “So people go on to social media to show other people what they did, who they’re with, how they did it etc.”

    I go to the mall, and then I have to post pictures and a caption so people know I was at the mall?? Why do I have to show people I was at the mall? I ate some brunch with my family, now I have to show people my plate with a clip of my friends and a little sticker showing people which restaurant I’m at?? It seems so odd.

    Why do people do that? To flex? Because that’s the only thing that makes sense to me. People showing off what they have, or what they’re doing, with whoever, in some sort of competition of who has it better. It makes everyone feel like they have to compete with the world when life shouldn’t be competitive. Everything online is like that now that I think about that. It’s very odd and I can’t even articulate it through text.

    This mostly goes for Instagram and Snapchat, but I guess it can go for Twitter and Facebook as well as some others.
  3. Kurmutziku

    Kurmutziku Fapstronaut

    Yes, women love attention and social media is an easy way to get it. I think females like posting on social media more than males. "Simps" or weak minded guys don't help by putting these average girls on pedestals. Likes, comments, and views are a lot of people's form of validation in today's society. It's creating a lot of narcissism. The creators of social media understand human psychology so they create new methods to keep people on these apps. Dopamine is hell of a drug.

    From my experience of posting a few times, it's usually some beautiful scenery or special event or positivity. Something I feel people would get a kick out of seeing. Since I have the app, I might as well use the features and create instead of just viewing others. I don't see it as competition necessarily (I don't really even view other people's stories), more like feeding my ego so people can see I'm doing something interesting. That's just me though, I'm sure competition has something to do with it. To show their life isn't "lame" and better than yours.

    Unfortunately, negativity is on the internet due to people being unhappy with their lives and has created the toxic society we live in today. I do want to say there's people who use social media to push their brand/business or inspiration/motivation or celebrate certain things. Spreading a positive message. That's more productive and not letting social media use you.
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2021
  4. Future Bloomer

    Future Bloomer Fapstronaut

    You make a good point about using social media to spread a positive message. Unlike a YouTube channel, where you are essentially preaching to the choir, on your personal social media account you have the ability to spread a good message to all kinds of diferent people. I don't post very often, but when I do it's for adventures in nature. I hope those posts can be a incentive for people to leave their homes and do something different.

    That being said, social media can be very damaging and addictive. I have the apps uninstalled and only reinstall them once a week to quickly check on my friends.
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  5. Improv3r

    Improv3r Fapstronaut

    Unfortunately this is what desensitized us deeply. Like you said there's nothing we can do. Girls twerking, nakedness, talking about pornography and sex became a constant topic that is encouraged. You see that everyday so it's normal that this abundance take its toll on us as human beings. When you look at human behaviors, emotions, thoughts, conversations, actions, they all became raw, vicious, ugly and fraud. Nowadays all became so sex-ified that it almost makes everything in the world revolve around it. Our children and newer generations will suffer way more than us because as you said we didn't grow up with it. We did in our own way which was limited but not so open as it is now. Even if you try to hide it it will eventually resurface for your children, or they will get introduced to it by their peers, maybe even ridiculed if they ignore it. I am going in too deep into this topic when I talk about it because I thoroughly believe this is what is eroding our system, our believes, our well-being and soul. When this happens to be the norm in society eventually society crumbles. Our current world state is a testament to that!
  6. Robinthehood

    Robinthehood Fapstronaut

    Nothing to be done about it mate, trillions of dollars behind it, pushed hard into every ones devices, tailored to individuals behavioural profiles and viewing habits for maximum penetration into the cerebellum. The aim is the same as this covid theatre, leave people with no choice, it doesn't appear as a choice since it is now the normality. Everyone pretends that they chose it, now they fight to protect it. The goal is to create a world where people feel safer and happier when they are immersed in digital worlds, leaving the real world and its resources to the ones that are behind this fucking nightmare. Basically we are in the early days of setting up the matrix, except the people lay themselves down in those pods, not forced there by AI machines, that comes after.
    My sincere wish is I never go back to that filthy shitty sludge, filling my senses with darkness. That I keep the awareness that I have now, the world is looking good and feels good now that I am outside that bullshit mind trap.
    Just a rant!
  7. hollyman

    hollyman Fapstronaut

    i just heard some stories from my friend yesterday he's a teacher in some religious school you know, its a nice school filled with good teacher

    one day one student seeing tiktok and the other teacher scold him/her told to stop, for that app is bad the teacher said

    the next the day the parent of the scold student came to school and scold the teacher back

    i just laugh when i heard this stories i say wait til him/her see OFans or porn site then it would be damn to late for him/her

    people didnt understand that this kinda app is a bridge to the real porn site, i mean how many time we relapse because of youtube click bait... its funny tho thats why i always think that nofap without social media detox is just time bomb.. we will relapse someday because of click bait
  8. fishfoody

    fishfoody Fapstronaut

    I recommend you all to watch this video called the social dilemma. This netflix documentary explain the big secret from big techs to control your brain into addiction.

  9. modernstore99

    modernstore99 Fapstronaut

    The effects of social media on mental health and culture, paired with AI systems for every individual user that can micromanage every single post they see and companies only concerned with profit, are already starting to become extremely apparent. Boys and young men are developing crippling porn addictions and seeing morphing of sexual tastes, young girls are becoming very unhealthy and suicidal, and even adults fall victim to the algorithms, seen in the sharp rise in political polarization and tribal ideologies beginning to form.

    Regardless of where you are on the political spectrum, the effect of social media on populations and individuals needs solutions right now.
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  10. Simorgh

    Simorgh Fapstronaut

    Smartest thing I read in a long time. Thank you!
  11. rubiksnerd45

    rubiksnerd45 Fapstronaut

    Dopamine is one of the most addictive drugs out there. It’s hard to get out of PMO because it’s like being a recovering smoke addict but with cigarettes always in your pocket. If you can quit PMO, you have a far easier time controlling your emotions.
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2021
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  12. WhitePanther

    WhitePanther Fapstronaut

    I agree. I'm now in my late twenties and see how the next generation after me don't know a reality before social media and all the fakeness going on. It really is terrifying. I saw a really interresting documentary called "Raised on Porn" on YT last night. Internett and pornography is really the biggest social experiement ever created. It truly rewires us

    Raised on Porn | Documentary Film - YouTube
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  13. Robinthehood

    Robinthehood Fapstronaut

    That is fucked. If we have this much of a battle to quit, knowing all that we know and having hopefully the logic and reason of adults, how the hell are children going to be able to stop this. I was thinking today that the whole of human kind should file lawsuits against any mother fucker that fucks with our world. Porn sites that let children view their product, companies that pollute our air, land and water, every fucking thing that we all just stand by and watch happen but is actually a criminal act. How is that not happening already? Because we let go of our ownership, our stewardship of our own lives. We gave it up. We are no longer sovereign. Fuck man, quitting porn is just the beginning, a tiny miniscule part that we all have to do so we can see this situation clearly. They turn us in to zombies so nobody has an ounce of energy to do anything or even give a shit.
  14. WhitePanther

    WhitePanther Fapstronaut

    I wholeheartly agree. I truly belives now that the hypersexuality that is being pushed is a political weapon to keep people weak and passive. It is a really good book called Libido Dominandi that explains how it's connected.
  15. jw2021

    jw2021 Fapstronaut

    I share the same concern with you. P was readily available in the home I grew up in. I was well into my adult years before I realized it was a problem in my life and decided to change.
  16. SethLCU

    SethLCU Fapstronaut

  17. The social consequences of social media are already enormous and wont be well understood for decades to come. Those of us that are starting to see the problem for what it is are going to have to find ways to set an example with our lives and guide others, whether we have kids of our own or not. Understand and accept your masculinity and all the good that it can bring the world. Associate with other men who do the same. Seek out women who understand and embrace their femininity. That way, in your life at least, good things will come your way. Leave the ripple effects up to emergence, god, karma, or whatever you want to call the forces in the world beyond your control.
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  18. rachitmunjal

    rachitmunjal Fapstronaut

    Bro I am also a heeling person and some time do not able to control my urge even I have left to porn videos 4 months ago but get urge by seeing something sexual on social media. I want that porn industry should be banned for a better future of the country as most teenagers are in masterbatution,porn and to make girl friend and boy friend
  19. E31

    E31 Fapstronaut

    It's pretty unsettling but mind you we are pretty biased towards the dangers of porn and not everyone is growing up to be a porn addict or is in any way negatively affected by it.
    I don't think that its that much of an issue, these young people can handle themselves, they have to.

    Whats scary tho is that these big tech companies will own a lot of advanced technology that will overrun us at some point with politics and society in general being too slow to catch up.
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  20. JoeinUSA

    JoeinUSA Fapstronaut

    Not only that, but any and every hardest core porn and fetish and experimental pornography as well are freely available to teens and pre-teens at the touch of a keyboard. It scars the soul and changes the personality. Soon erectile dysfunction will be plaguing boys who are only just discovering what an erection is. I guess religion, from a previous age, was right with its admonition against porn and masturbation. We receive what our unbridled desires have freely chosen for ourselves and our children. We are abandoned to our lusts, our hearts' true love, as if we even knew what real love was, that is.

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