Worried about your symptoms resembling anything else than PIED?

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    My brothers,

    Many of us once upon a time on this bandwagon of NoFap wondered whether we didn't have PIED, but something much worse. Some of us are scared that we have a real urological or physiological condition down there. I thought the same, researched a ton about it in the last 6 months, learning as much as I can about the pelvic/urogenital region, and have literally checked off every disease there is in that region due to compulsive fear-induced research about my symptoms.

    This thread is for anyone of you who is scared, afraid, doubting or wondering whether their symptoms resemble something else than PIED. Tell me what you worry about, what you feel or what your symptoms are. I have read many stories and comments of people worrying about many conditions like Peyronie's and Venous Leak, 99% of which resemble symptoms of those conditions, but fail to recognize that PIED shares symptoms with many urogenital conditions. That doesn't mean you have them. You need to have all or at least 75% of all notified symptoms of any disease to really be sure that you MIGHT have it. Sharing 1 or 2 symptoms or any condition is no proof at all. Take headaches for example. A headache alone is a symptom of over a hundred diseases and conditions. That doesn't mean you even have 1 of all of those. Everyone has headaches. The same might apply to our situation.

    So please, if you need clarity or reassurance that you are OK, hit me up in private, or down here below and share everything you need reassurance off. I studied nursery, treated many elderly people with urogenital problems, researched a lot about the urogenital region and have spoken with 5 urologists already about many conditions I thought I had.

    I am here for all my NoFap brothers

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