Worried, help! How long does flatline last?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by changing99, Oct 17, 2018.

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    Hi guys! I am completely new on NoFap, and I am on my 20th day of hard mode for 90 days (ideally normal if I happen to have sex) and after two weeks of being quite energetic and with urges, I found myself in a bit of a low energy state, almost no erections within the last days, and a lot of procrastination, and a little tired too. Am I in a flatline? If so, I have lots of questions regarding it. Since I started NoFap to end PM to start engaging with real women and deal with my approach anxiety and low self confidence, I am so scared that the flatline moments would extend for long periods of time (I read about guys who had months or even years of all flatline).
    So, do you know how much time do flatlines last?
    How often do they come?
    Do they decrease or stop apprearing after 90 days or so?
    I am 18 years old, and had done PMO since 12 or so (in average 1 or 2 per day).
    Thank you guys and for sure I will keep going with my journey! I will listen to all opinions!
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    This is a very common question

    find your answer and anything else you need on yourbrainonporn.com, it has all the information you need
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  4. Ive been in a flatline for years, but I’ve been relapsing in between. I’m still in a flatline even at 381 days, but.. I have felt libido in glimpses since, very brief moments.
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    it depends on your addiction level, but I would say one month
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    Dude!Flatline for years……If nofap only brings that kind of pain, then what is the point?I‘m new to this ,too.And the flatline is killing me.
  7. I’ve only kept myself in it because I was relapsing and not taking recovery serious enough. I’ve only seen positive benefits by abstaining from porn, never use it again.
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    Thanks bro! I will take a look at it
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    Lets assume its going to take 2 years, even if only 10 years of your life remained it totally worths it.
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