Worrying about things you can't control.

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by MrSalvatore001, Nov 28, 2019.

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    I have read so many times that worrying about things you can't control is a waste of time or not productive but I can't seem to stop thinking about those very things.
    Thinking about the future or what the girl you like is doing. I guess it's because I have too much free time.
    This shit always happens for a few days after a relapse. I just lose my sense of self. I give too much shit about what other people are doing with their lives. I'm gonna get my shit together.
    I'll make a schedule tomorrow. Any tips/suggestions are appreciated.
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    Hello, friend.
    It's just a normal thing to not stop thinking about it in the beginning. Positive thing is that you at least know about this thing. Time will pass and you will learn to apply it to your life ;)
    I suggest you to download Stoic app, also an app called Daily Stoic Excercises or something like that. These kind of apps can be like a daily reminder that you're going through this journey called philosophy and not giving a shit about things you can't control.
    I'm facing similar problem. I want to bring some of the stoic philosophy principles into my daily life, but it's not so easy. Of course trying is important. So, just read quotes, facts, books on this topic. For me it's getting bit easier tho. It's all about that applying ;)
    My phone fell on the ground and screen sort of was fractured (my english is really poor, hard to explain it in right way, hope you got me). First things first, I got mad. Foolish. My hand couldn't control it. So what? That was not something I could foresee, so fuck it. Let it be. Of course there is some bit of emotion in me about it, since I have to yet pay for the phone, and... I could really hold my phone in a stronger grip, but then again my old phone is a legend. It used to fall out of my hands for like 6 times within a 1+ year I owned it. Nothing happened to screen. Just some scratches on phone's corners. That's pretty much it. And that's why I thought to myself: "Well, yeah... My phone fell out of my hands and it got fractured, but previous one didn't. I guess it's Samsung who makes shittier screens"

    See, at least try to apply it. As some people say - I used to lie to myself for so long that I started believing in it. So can you, but those are not even lies. It's even better, since it's the reality. Don't worry. Just calm down and slowly apply it. You're already doing better since you've discovered such a thing.

    "Do not let the future disturb you, for you will arrive there, if you arrive, with the same reason you now apply to the present" Marcus Aurelius
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