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  1. I have to agree. It might be slightly offensive to some to say this, but I have inferred this to be true. So thanks for saying that
    Where can I find me one of these girls? haha but actually tho, I always hear how foreign women are so much better than western women, but im not sure if it is just a stereotype
    Great advice man. I am very disappointed in myself and how I was so afraid to offend her and be vocal. I kind of turned inward and isolated myself from her during the movie by sitting on opposite side of the couch rather than being firm and telling her how I really feel about her phone use. Next time, I will man up and vocalize my discomforts, in a nice way if I can
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    Good lad.
    Remember, respect yourself first then others will respect you and no matter how much youre into this girl, just remember someone somewhere is tired of her bullshit.
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    Once when someone was chronically texting at the dinner table, I covertly grabbed my phone and texted the person: Get Off Your Phone! :D
  4. ^ That's hilarious, hahah! Well played :)

    What was the reaction?
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    touch her gently, see how she reacts maybe she only wants to get laid
  6. i should have used that
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    Based on facts, reality and what kind of knowledge and skills that are actually in demand at the market place these days, a degree in the humanities is essentially worthless from an economic point of view. Plus, the huge student-debt these degrees tend to accumulate, without a chance of paying it back within the next two decades. On the other hand, the job-market does mostly look very good for those with advanced degrees in the STEM-fields or those possessing a skill /trade that are in demand (such as plumbers, electricians, auto-mechanics, carpenters, craftsmen, cooks, etc). I suggest you read the book "Worthless" by Aaron Clarey. It contains a lot of inconvenient truths about most college degrees offered at colleges and universities.

    As political indoctrination and social conditioning goes, it is so obvious that universities these days are invaded by loud leftists, communists, SJWs, and cultural marxist ideas and beliefs which have no base whatsoever in reality. These people are the ones needing safe-spaces (from ideas or beliefs they don't like) and tend to accept free speech as long as the ideas and beliefs preached are aligned with their own. It isn't something new as it has been going on for the past 5-6 decades and haven't been challenged or opposed publicly until recent years.
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    Where can I find me one of these girls? haha but actually tho, I always hear how foreign women are so much better than western women, but im not sure if it is just a stereotype

    It is definitely not mate. I have been to Poland, Czech Republic, Belarus, and Serbia to name a few and the women in these countries are not only feminine and beautiful overall but also very cool, laid-back and they won't play too many games with you. Most of your interactions with them will be quite smooth and frictionless if you disregard some eventual linguistic issues (some of them speak barely any English). By knowing just a few words and phrases in their own language though, they will open themselves up much more than you expect.
    Eastern European women also tend to respect traditional gender roles much more than Western ones (by their own free will) and are overall much happier and content with life, despite not having the same economic resources. They do in general have a larger appreciation for the small things in life.

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    I definitely agree that communication could have solved a lot of problems here. Because if you think about it, you're really feeling like her phone use is disrespectful because you think it indicates that she's bored by you. But honestly, maybe that never even entered her mind. Maybe she's just not a big Marvel fan, but was game for anything as long as it meant she got to spend time with you. She may have no idea that her phone use was bothering you that much--and if you had told her, perhaps she would have been really apologetic and put it away. Or maybe she might have opened up about how she always has a hard time staying off her phone, but is trying to be better ("I mean, it's hard sometimes when you don't WANT to do something, but you just find yourself doing it over and over ... can you relate to that at all?").

    I've had the people-pleasing thing for a long time now. I don't like to rock the boat, generally speaking. But now that I'm 42, I'm a lot more comfortable speaking out and telling people when something is annoying me. Trust me when I say it's a good feeling when you stand up for what you want.
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    I want to “like” this post a dozen times. :)
  11. That's realy good advice I could not have said it better well done.

  12. Dude I'd tell her to get off her damn phone and enjoy you. I honestly can't stand woman who constantly use they're phone as an escape or need to be on social media. Before you guys hang out I'd probably say something or if you already watched the movie, maybe for the next date. The fact she already did means shes probably not as interested in you or the date. Its disrespectful and you have a right to be angry towards her. If I ever have a date again or girlfriend I would be the one breaking things off because they use they're phone to much. Once or twice is fine, but constant is not good.

    It's crazy these days with society as phones take control of everyone. If you don't mind me asking has this happened before on other dates?
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  13. Looool. This thread is awesome.
    I dropped the phone when you said campus bucks though lol. Yeah... just lower your expectations bc girls at this age in 2019 are virtually all like that.

    I agree on the foreign women being different too... maybe do a exchange student program? I did a few and it was the best thing ever.
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    Don't expect a woman or anyone to have an attention span in 2019. Also avengers. I'd be on my phone too aha. Get your PJs on too and make a move.
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    Sorry to hear that bro. She definitely doesn't sound like the kind of girl you want in your life. Social media addict so she probably has insecurity issues that will manifest sooner or later.
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    She just wanted to talk,
    next time you hook up with her find a conversational scenario... like go for a drink with her she all wants is to meet you better.
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