Worst song you ever heard

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  1. I hate those guys, my uncle loves them and it drives me crazy lol
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  2. SolitaryScribe

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    anything by nicki minaj
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  4. Lol bro.Well I listen a lot of wwe theme songs.Especially Cm punk the cult of personality is best song
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  5. Yeah Cult o personality is very good.
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  6. but dont forget this hell ladies and gentleman
  7. He does??! Well, I guess someone has to!
  8. Contentful T

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    Oh come on it's just Neil.

    Try this one:

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    You said it.
  10. Contentful T

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    LOL ya that song was bad. Saw that video like over a year ago now probably.
  11. Contentful T

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    Cranking on your pickle? Hide the salami?

    What the heck are those?

    No need to answer I think I can guess. Nice gum analogy.

    Are you happy to be in this thread?

    Here's a really awful one for your soar tooth sweet spot:

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    I was introduced to him around 13 when Napster first came out. I didn't know hipsters valued him.
  13. I'm pretty sure Steve Albini did the recording or was involved in some of his albums. I use "hipster" with love because I kinda am one but there are limits to my ironic love of bad music.
  14. Yeah, he even has their symbol tattooed on his arm lol.
  15. Haha, really?! Oh well, I hope he doesn't see this thread then!
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  17. Themadfapper

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    How about songs that you hate. Worst song isn't really something most people would listen to I think? Most go through a studio and are not that bad. I got a ton of songs I hate due to them not really being to my liking and overplayed over and over again.

    But if you want worst....

    * warning possible triggers*

    typical rap video sex type crap

    He has nearly 70 million views for this one song alone.
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    I was thinking about posting that IceJJFish song, but I wasn't sure if the video would be trigger-y or not for some people
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    that never crossed my mind, lol, I wasn't thinking.
  20. There's a song I heard 3 or 4 times on the radio and I just could not believe what I was hearing: this woman literally wailing like a bloody banshee. o_O What I found incredible is that the worst part of the song from a vocalist point of view was the chorus. :oops: So, if you are unlucky enough to be subjected to it, you will have to listen to her squawking several times. :) I have no idea who it is, when it was or anything about it. All I can tell you is it is called Chandelier. :mad:

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