Would a girl like a guy with unpopular opinions but sticks by them no matter what, then a shy introv

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by zxcv, May 6, 2018.

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    Would a girl like a guy with unpopular opinions but sticks by them no matter what, then a shy introverted guy that keeps to him self?

    Basically, I'm shy and introverted but also has some unpopular options about things like SWJs, God (I am a Christian.), and other political stuff. So I'm basically just wondering that even if I have unpopular opinions, would girls be more likely to like me if I was to express them instead of not saying anything out of fear of being isolated and exiled? I mean, I believe what I believe but I'm afraid of voicing my opinions to most people in real life and even a lot of the time on the internet out of fear of being alone, or becoming even more alone. I mean we really don't have that good of a climate for having free thought or even being neutral anymore.
  2. How about instead of trying to impress a broad range of women, you simply meet women who agree with/tolerate your opinions?
    That way you won't have to worry about saying the wrong thing and becoming lonely.
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    Just be who you really are, don't try to force things. If you think you are too shy and want to change that then try to engage people more but don't go trying to act as something you are not for the sake of impressing women or being afraid that they will dislike you, there are surly women who prefer the strong silent type or whatever just as there are women who like the rebel.
    I suggest you try to focus on improving yourself and become more confident , don't be afraid of having and opinion, just make sure that you also respect and willing to listen to other's if you choose to voice it because that is the social thing to do.
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    When you hide what you want and who you are, you're acting in a way that you think other people will like you for. It's seeking approval and validation for someone that you aren't. It's a hidden contract you created that states "if I act like this, then you have to like me".

    When you express yourself honestly, it allows you to get rejected. People avoid rejection like the plague, but you need to change your relationship towards rejection. Rejection just means they aren't aligned with who you are and it frees you to look for people that do resonate with what you're expressing.

    If you love dogs and you want to impress a group of people, but they hate dogs and think dogs are stupid.... so you act like you hate dogs................................. then it's not really a fun way to live.

    If you express your love for dogs and choose to play with dogs, you'll get rejected by those people and it frees you to find people that resonate with your love for dogs.

    It might take a lot more time and effort to find people that resonate with who you are, but it's just a better way to live. Rather than trying to compensate, perform, and convince others to be interested in a fake version of yourself.

    Do you really think that you're sooooooooooooooooooooo uniquely special that you're the only one with the views / beliefs / opinions / interests that you have? Your thoughts of being isolated and exiled for being who you are are just fearful and irrational thoughts.

    "What if nobody else in the world loves dogs like I do?"

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    If she likes you, she'll put up with all your views brah.
  6. I'm not sure about that. What if, as the relationship goes on, that person changes and their opinions change? About 6 or 7 years ago I had deeply conservative views but now I'm rather liberal. It's about finding someone who will love you for you no matter what, the trouble it's hard to figure if someone actually loves you for you, does the person love you or just loves the opinions you have? If you change your opinions will they still love you?
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    I can relate bro be yourself a hundred percent practice speaking your mind and saying things you wanna say I’m learning it is better to just say things for your own entertainment and some people will laugh others will say nothing or be negative people will judge you anyway at least give them a authentic representation when you do this you will attract the right people in your life and the ones who will like you for who you are. Also being a Christian remember god is the only ones judgement that matters above all so try to understand we all are suffering and what others say or do isn’t a reflection of you especially if they don’t know you so don’t take things people say seriously or yourself. It betters to invoke a reaction out of others whether it be positive or negative even though that’s just the ego fooling you. Being yourself is the ultimate self love

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