Would a girl want to date a 30 year old that still lives at home with his parents.

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by zxcv, Jan 23, 2020.

  1. zxcv

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    I'm mostly doing do this to save money for a house. Basically because of the way I'm doing this I can pool most of my money into saving. So when I do get married, I'll hopefully have the money to buy a house. I also do have a full time job. I do pay rent, and I do own a car. So I'm not living in the basement playing video games all day doing nothing.
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    I do the same only difference is I am 23 and put my money into stocks. From my experince, no a woman is not gonna look at you unless you have a car and a place to live. My salary can support that if i get a mortgage but obvioualy i don't wanna do that. It is not impossible, bit tou are gonna have to work harder. I for example cannot talk to women, and annot emotionally bond with them, so even a house would not help much unless you don't have the basics - good body fat percentage, well groomed and hygiene, the ability to communicate your desire and relationship goals.
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    Forget about women for a while, and build urself up first... Or else you will end up with all the stuff you need to do + all the stuff you want to do + a nagging wife critisizing you up + crying kids who need dental treatment... All of that over your shoulder.
  4. dragonaire

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    Don't think that women are the prize.

    Become the prize that they will want to fight for
  5. ImThatGingerGuy

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    For what its worth a friend of mine at work lived at home with his parents as a way to save money up & has a girlfriend. He has only recently bought a house with the money he had saved & moved in with her & he's 43
  6. Truthfully? No, probably not. Of course, it's still probable that you can find a girl that wouldn't and she may even like that you are working to get out of the house, but being on your own, especially at the age of 30, would help a lot more.
  7. MuscularSherlockHolmes

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    If you are genuinely trying, I am sure a suitable girl will understand you and stick by your side. (However it's a complex stuff, so I can't say anything definite.) Just think about a relationship where you both get to know one another and don't consider about marriage for some time. You may be in your thirties but that doesn't mean you rush for marriage. Take your time.
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  8. Infrasapiens

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  9. gingeralan

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    You are looking at something too serious! Just go out meet girls and have fun. Make no difference if you just go for it! My best pulling time(admittedly not hard, pretty crap at but learning) was living in a Buddhist meditation centre! No coming back to my place.

    go travel, enjoy yourself, women will come to you if you value you!
  10. takingthejourney

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    Lol dude your overthinking it go out to bars every weekend, use dating apps and cold approach girls when you see them they will sleep with you and want to date you. GO OUTSIDE!!! live life there are guys in worse situations who get tons of women TRUST ME!!! when i tell you this.
  11. slb_123

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    Living with your parents in your 30s is not good for your mental development, even if it might be reasonable economic wise.

    And to answer your question, no they wont. A man living with his parents is probably the biggest red flag there is for women, and I would say rightly so. If your mother was handicapped and you took care of her or something you would get a pass. Otherwise no.

    The good news is that you dont have to wonder what the reason is if you struggle to find a girl ;)
  12. LoneSpirit

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    Girls doesn't care if they know that you have ambition and a plan.

    If you date a girl and she asks about it. Just tell her your plan and demonstrate your ambition.

    Most people can't even think into buying a house because they have no money. So planning into having your own is a pretty good sign of ambition.

    A girl who is looking for a serious partner will understand.

    But first you should go out, invite girls over and all of that. They just explain.
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  13. slb_123

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    IMO this mostly isn´t true. Women (and people in general) care less about what you say and more about what you do. If you still live with your parents at 30, she will not care about any explanation you come up with. She will look at the facts. God knows there are a lot of men with a lot of plans that never gets past the planning stage. Women will much rather go for the dude that already has a proven ability to execute. Thinking otherwise is delusional if you ask me ...
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  14. gingeralan

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    If you just go out looking for fun and seem like a good laugh they don’t check your success at that point. That, in my experience is just a cop out so you (I) can legitimise avoiding doing something difficult!
  15. LoneSpirit

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    Look I have a friend who i slike 32 is a single father of twins (The mother left them), so he lives with his parents to be able to work and raise the girls. And he still get dates and relationships.

    Come on.
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  16. Protagonist

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    I think its up to the girl to decide.
  17. Angus McGyver

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    True statement!
    As a matter of fact, most pretty women out there do only have power because of their looks. Many times, their lives are not nearly as perfect, glamorous and exciting as you might think (usually, their lives are rather mundane and unexciting). The day I realized that was the day I stopped chasing them and now that I am in my 30's, the dynamics have changed as I am older, have more life-experience and have taken good care of myself.
    Hence, I have a much more wider selection and abundance of women than I ever could dream of in my needy 20's so all of you guys in your 20's who go around chasing women's attention, I have only one advice: Stop chasing them, relax, and focus on building yourself and your life up first and foremost.
    Your time of abundance and wider selection will then come as you enter your 30's, especially when you're in your mid 30's and up.
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  18. SirWanksalot

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    It is ideal? No. But when is there ever an ideal situation? Rarely if ever. And yes, some women will dismiss you for it for sure, no doubt about it and generally(!) speaking (so not necessarily applying to you) for good reason as @slb_123 pointed out.
    In many cases it's a red flag but life is complex and there are many understandable circumstances.

    If you wait until you are x, y and z perfect everything you'll wait forever.
    Nobody is ever perfect.

    And if you are genuinely acting in a way that you are going to buy a house for yourself (putting away the savings, getting everything else in order, etc.) and are an overall great guy you'll find someone. Short-term for sure, long-term maybe.

    Living on your own and sustaining yourself is amazing in and of itself, not just to attract a woman.
    The woman is actually pretty secondary to that.
    Live your own life according to your own values so that it feels satisfying and meaningful to you. Not according to what a woman or some dudes on the internet may think.
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  19. Infrasapiens

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    I live in a country where most must live with their parents forever because getting your own place is a gargantuan task. If I manage to get an appartment (I won't), women would indeed show interest.
  20. Barbrady90

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    I’m 29 (turn 30 in May), autistic, unemployed, still live at home with my mother and spend most of my time on the internet, playing video games and watching TV.

    So, I would guess I have absolutely no chance of dating anyone.

    It’s a minor miracle that I’ve been in a relationship at all.
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