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  1. jipsikid

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    Hey guys! there is a girl in my math class that I find interesting, she is smart and kinda cute and i want to talk to her. Would it be weird if suddenly start sitting next to her? I sit in the middle of the classroom and she sits like 2 or 3 rows a way from me. Im planing to arrive late tomorrow so that it doesn't look suspicious. Any tips? Thanks and sorry for my english.
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  2. elevate

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    That.... is what would be weird.

    Hiding your intentions, sneaking around, and being ashamed of your desires is what's weird.

    Show up early and sit down next to her. Talk to her as much as possible before class starts.

    Your English is awesome. Don't be so apologetic, timid, and shy. Don't be ashamed of what you want.

    Do what you want. Go for what you want. Maybe it will work and maybe it won't, but the right decision is following your desires.
  3. Poseidon

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    That would be creepy and kind of stalker-ish. I think you should make friends with her first.
  4. Lol stalkerish? Seriously? To sit next to a girl? That's ridiculous.

    No, it would not be weird at all for you to sit next to a girl you like and strike up a conversation. The worst thing that can happen is she thinks you're weird or something. In which case, you shrug it off and move on. Just go for it.
  5. Gotham Outlaw

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    Doing something is better than doing nothing. Whether or not something happens you won't have to look back and say what if. Also, your English is really good. No need to worry about it.
  6. todaysresolution

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    i used to obsess about stuff like this
    the truth is you could pat her head and she wouldnt care
    she would be like thats weird and laugh
    but if you talk to her and are kind she will immediately enjoy your attention
    because who does not like love and care?
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