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Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by SorryWontSayIt, Apr 16, 2019.

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    I don't know whats going on lately, but for some reason I have noticed people liking me more. I don't know why, but I have worked a lot on myself the last year to become a more open person and social person.

    I was at a bar a few days ago with some friends, and a friend of me noticed that there were like 3 girls that tried to contact me, but I just wanted to be with my friends that nigth (was a long time since I had seen them, and will be a long time until next time I see them).

    I have also started to text a girl, and I think she really starts to get interested in me. The only problem is, is that she study in a town that is 7-9 hours away from the town where I study. And here family (her hometown is 1 hour away from my hometown).

    For some reason we have agreed on that we want to try to meet soon, since both of us are staying in our hometowns the next week. But what will happen after. I am not sure if a long-distance relationship is really what I want, so I feel so stupid to maybe have given her false hope - at the same time it would be nice, but I am afraid I hurt her (or myself too).

    I hate this situation, but it is just the same situation like the last girl I dated, but atleast we lived in the same town for 6 months before both moved. And we broke up because of long-distance relationship wasnt a good idea for us.

    Any tips? I really feel ready to date, but I don't want to go into a long-distance relationship, or give her any false hope. I don't know her to well, but she seems really nice, and doesnt deserve to be given false hope of a relationship.
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    You're focusing on long distance relationships rather than all these other girls that are more available in your town.

    Doesn't seem like you want a real relationship with all its complications and this is your way of avoiding one.

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