Would you accept a criminal as a partner

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Goo, Apr 25, 2018.

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    Signed up for a gold's gym membership. When I went in the gym these sexxxy ass girls started eyeing me. Point is when I go there tomorrow or whatever I'll probably meet some girl.

    Thing is I'm a good looking 22 year old male but I'm secretly a very evil person. I don't follow the law at all. I won't pretend like I want to change because I don't. Basically I'm involved with some shit that involves some shit you see on the sopranos. I live good when I'm making money but when I'm broke I'm a joke. The life I live is very high risk and I honestly only am still around because I am so cautious or I would have been caught by now. I got the police potential investigating me for some shit. Point is if you're a female would you put up with my crime bullshit and still be with me? Only if I looked good, had cash, and lived tough? I know a lot of girls want that from me but what kind of girls are they? As a crook I can look cool to the girls sometimes I carry firearms on me and a girl sees it they either freak out or get very interested in me. I know what attracts them to me but what's the likely hood of them staying with me past one night? Its like they want a taste of me and my life but not a full dose. And I won't lie I live a life surrounded by crime so I live extremely dangerously I could be targeted any time by certain people.

    I guess I'm saying is I don't want girls targeted to but I still want a relationship lol. Funny because I could leave the life anytime, I do electrical work so I make decent cash when I work a real job but I just refuse to follow the law and shit.
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    Why don't you try and find out?

    Find out what kind of girls they are. Find out if they stay with you past one night. Find out if they put up with your "crime bullshit".

    You said that you live a life of high risk. Well take a risk and find out what happens rather than asking random strangers on a forum to make inaccurate predictions about your life.

    You live a life of chaos, uncertainty, and danger. Yet, you're unable to take a chance on women?
  3. Goo

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    Guess your right got nothing to lose
  4. JustinX

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    Spot on!
  5. Honey... you're admitting that you are an "evil person," but you somehow still want to get a good girl? Sorry, but that isn't happening. Good girls want good guys. You can't be the kind of person you are and make the bad choices you make and then expect a saint to be attracted to you. You're going to attract bad people, because you yourself admit that you are a bad person.

    One of the best quotes I heard in my dating days was "stop looking for the right person and start trying to be the right person." In other words... why would you expect to get a Princess if you ain't no Prince? I'm sorry, but you can't have it both ways. You can't have your cake and eat it too. If you want a good girl, you have to be a good guy who deserves that good girl. There's no reason for a good girl to settle for someone who is a criminal when they could find plenty of decent men who aren't criminals.
  6. I would accept -- and have accepted -- an EX criminal as a partner. But not someone who admits they are an evil person and don't like to follow the law and don't want to change. I can't imagine why any decent person would want to be in that kind of relationship. So the only people you are going to find who want that are people who are like you, and you describe yourself as evil. So you're going to attract evil girls. That's just how that works.
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    Hey guys... I do meth everyday and when I'm not doing meth..... I'm doing heroin. I could live a normal life, but I refuse to be sober because it's just not badass enough for me. Girls think I'm sexy when they see me shoot up various drugs into my veins. The DEA is on to me, but I'm way too smart for them just like the show Breaking Bad. I live life on the very edge because it's the only way I feel alive. Fuck the law and sobriety.

    So.................................. how can I get a down to earth family oriented old fashioned caring high self esteem independent girlfriend?
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  9. Goo

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    I mean alot of innocent girls do like that life.
  10. UnusualOlive

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    Do you really think so ? This view seems highly distorted.

    "Innocent" people are not attracted to violent criminals. They are anything but "innocent" at that point.
    These people most likely are broken inside as well.
  11. Whatever you do don't commit a crime against that woman who walks into your life. Trust me when i say this there are real men out there and if you are not one of them, you will be put in your place by them.

    And coming to the part of having a criminal as a partner. Do mention what kind a little better on the thread title mate. Partner in crime, i don't see why not. You both are criminals why not just commit more crime together and end up rotting in prison for the rest of your lives?

    I live in a very shady community myself but I don't see any reason to hurt a fellow human being. If someone hurts my loved ones, I will beat their ass to the ground but otherwise I don't see no reason.
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    Idk his whole opener sounded like bullshit. "I do some some shit you see on the sopranos" no one who does that would say that...
    Please tell me about all the "no show jobs" you're going to pull.
  13. Lol it seems like he named himself aptly. He is as messed up as the shit he has been smoking of late.
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    I did not intend to get into this, but I think that being part of a silent majority makes me complicit with what I see as definitely wrong in these forums.

    NoFap. I think many take it as a step into accomplishing their very selfish goals. Be it sex, girls, release, it all is kosher as long as it means leaving porn behind. But is it?

    I don’t think it is. And I think it shows a lack of understanding of how porn modifies one’s mind. It doesn’t matter if she’s into that, it doesn’t matter if she’s a consenting adult who likes to be treated like crap, or being with someone who admitedly doesn’t want to be better - I still think the responsibility is with you being right. People should not be treated, nor offered, the worst even if they’re ok with it.

    NoFap is a platform for working through porn dependency issues and not a healthy relationship website like “Fight the New Drug”, understood. But trying to treat the symptom without facing the problem is akin to a bandage and some make-up on a gangrened organ. You have to decide, because it is your life, but your decisions carry the potential to greatly affect and possibly destroy someone else’s.
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  15. ^ what he said.

    That's just not true. Some innocent girls might be curious about it, because they have never rebelled in their life and it sounds appealing for a minute. But they aren't going to "like that life." If they did, why would you be here asking this question?

    I am a pretty "good girl" and always have been, and I know plenty of "good girls," and we are quality ladies who deserve (and can easily get) a quality man. Why would we settle for someone like you describe yourself as? The only way that is going to happen is if the girl has some major self esteem issues and doesn't see her worth or something. Otherwise, she's going to go after the kind, law-abiding man who respects and agrees with her values.
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    Sorry, but no one sane wants an unrepentant criminal. That only complicated matters, especially when they become a person of interest or a suspect in a crime you commit, simply because they’re with you.
  17. Hitto

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    Why are you doing NoFap and why are you incriminating yourself online ?
  18. You’re a selfish criminal and you’re wondering if you’re relationship material? Haha, pricesless. Buddy you need to sack up and accept the sacrifices that come with your “profession”. Either accept them or be a smart 22 yr old and change your profession, Sammy “the spark” Spicoli!
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  19. Completely depends on your crime. I'm assuming it's something somewhat serious if you're in and out of jail, carrying a strap on you, referring to yourself as an evil person, and not wanting to change.

    Like is the crime your breaking actually immoral? Is it violent? If yes..Do you genuinely enjoy commit in these violent/immoral crimes?

    Your chick could also be a bad, "immoral" "evil" person. You could be a good match.
  20. Commiting some crimes doesn't mean your evil. Only some of the major crimes are actually immoral.
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