Would you date a feminist?

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    I do think they are interchangeable truly yes. But in every relationship each person will have things they are better at than the other. And in life some people are just better at certain things. Sometimes that breaks down on gender lines but often it does not. Example I’m a horrible cook. My male partner is an excellent cook and enjoys doing all the cooking and baking. Are he and I equal when it comes to cooking nope not even close. But if I wanted to learn to cook I could. Who makes the choice? The woman or man that has the desire to do the job does. If a woman can be just as good or better at construction work then she should do it. If a man can be just as good as a nurse or nanny he should do that as well.
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  2. I think that clarified things nicely. One last question, can feminists be opposed to abortion?
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    Although this is an impolite and offensive comment, but it is much bigger than this dear. Justice is not Equality. Women are not supposed to be less a man. And vice versa, but there are things which suit women and do not suit men, and same in the opposite. Let nature speaks. So mind yourself and drink up your whole feminism thingy.
    About dating, be sure that there are a lot of women who are not with the feminism (revolution). Because they already know they have rights, and sometimes they have rights more than men ;)
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  4. What she said was pretty disgusting. Some women (most don't argue this way, thank god - this is not pointed against all you gals) can't take it when a man disagrees with them in an argument and they'll immediately accuse him of
    1. not getting laid or being unable to
    2. being insecure
    3. having a small penis
    She accused you of the first two and I think she wasn't too far from accusing you of the third. This phenomenone is so frequent that it should be a law of nature.
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    And this can be the answer 'why' responding to the question in the thread :)
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    Nope, because I have too much respect for myself.
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    Never coz they are monsters for me.
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    Maybe it was where/how I was raised, but I have never once felt like men were any better than me. I never felt like Timmy unfairly got to be hall monitor because he was a boy; it was probably just his turn. I never felt the man sitting next to me in college got better grades than I, simply because he was male; he probably studied harder than me.

    The confusion for me on feminism is this: How did a simple word with a simple definition, become this giant, bra burning, man-hating movement? Are women in America really treated that unfairly? Have I been living under a rock?
    By definition, *most* females would be considered a feminist. If this is true, then why do I get extremely offended if I am viewed as a feminist? Media portrayal?

    On the topic of equality & justice, I believe they are two seperate things, both with very foggy definitions.
    I view equality as fairness & justice is what's saught when there is inequality. On those grounds, I personally don't feel like I'm owed any justice for unequal treatment based on me being a female. I'm owed respect & equality from men because I'm human. Likewise, men are owed the same respect & equality from women.

    Needless to say, this has been a very interesting thread to read & I have gained some insight!
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    Here is an understanding lady! You have a point and I respect and appreciate that. Have a beautiful day my dear :)

    @GG2002 learn from her.
  10. No. I don't need the drama. I don't like stress. Waste of my time. I want a relaxed life.
  11. GG2002

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    Sure and plenty are opposed to it. Personally I would never have an abortion but I respect the right of others to make that decision
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  12. GG2002

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    Says who you? People are all different. Sometimes that breaks down on gender lines other times it does not. No one wants to be with someone who hates women but very few modern women want to be with men that express what you do and as time moves forward they are less.
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    As a lawyer I would also be interested in your definition of “justice” please share with specifically what you are referring to.
  14. Equal pay and equal this and equal that. Guess what, it’s already the case throughout the country. It’s illegal to intentionally discriminate based on gender. What you feminists believe in is making sure females get a distinct advantage and privilege over men because you feel men control everything and are out to get you.
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  15. You sound pretty centrist and level headed. Cheers!

    I dont think abortion is a right but I'm not prepared to have the government use force to stop it.
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    Hey @Reborn16, thanks for taking the time to respond to me. I don’t disagree with much of what you’ve said, but I do have a different view on what being a feminist is at its core, and why I call myself one.

    Feminism isn’t a political group, they aren’t organised. They are just people who go by the creed that women should have the same opportunities as men. Now some feminists will have different opinions on how to go about that and that’s where the confusion comes in. It’s like saying you’re a democrasist because you believe in democracy, but that term doesn’t say much about how you want that democracy to play out or what political party you’re affiliated with. Two democrasists could have wildly different approaches to democracy, but the concept of democracy shouldn’t be tarnished by one extreme view.

    Secondly, we have this issue of what the media portrays as feminist ‘leaders’. Feminism has no leaders. The media, who want to frame feminists as disconnected from reality, completely have the power to select whoever they want to speak about feminism on their show. They could have picked me to talk about it and I’d be calm and straight forward and you’d probably not disagree with what I say. But instead they chose to put a woman on with an extreme view, just so they could disagree with her, make feminism look like its run by crazy people and get good YouTube hits.

    It absolutely doesn’t surprise me that most women don’t want to describe themselves as feminists for this very reason. But if you sat down with a woman and asked them if they’d like their lives to be as privileged as their male counterparts, I can’t imagine they’d say no.
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  17. I think feminism is, by definition, a form of female supremacy. The idea that it is about "equality" is either a lie or a delusion. Unfortunately, the majority of women (and many men) have been completely brainwashed by it. It is the "cool" thing to call oneself nowadays, and there is a lot of virtue-signalling involved with it. Should men date feminists? It is virtually impossible to find a woman who does not identify as a feminist, so if you say no, you're going to be pretty lonely. Does that mean that men should go the MGTOW route, and live a life separate from women? I don't think that is the answer. Instead, I think the way to look at it, is look at feminism as a giant, socio-cultural "shit-test" writ large that women play on men. You pass the test by NOT compromising your masculinity, and NOT showing you're afraid of what women think (which may mean not identifying as a feminist). Women will be attracted to you, even though they may say otherwise, because sexual attraction is biological, not socio-political. Don't become a feminist Beta male just in order to get in to the feminist ladies' pants, because it's not going to work like you hoped. Alternatively, if feminist women say they won't date non-feminist men, then the feminist women are going to be pretty lonely and or dissatisfied with their feminist Beta male cuckolds :D
  18. This is long as hell and I dont blame you one sec if you skip it, but it's pretty dope. Two people agreeing and discussing intelligently. A somewhat "radical" feminist and a guy most feminists these days hate. It's really good and they dont argue as much as you would think.
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    I agree it's difficult to gauge the ideals and morals of a large group like feminism. I also agree the media will use certain speakers to make a group look bad, although from what I can tell, feminism gets overwhelming support from the media!

    What I do find concerning, is the multitude of statements said of own free will on twitter for example, saying very sexist things towards men and boys. Such statements like "let's throw rocks at boys, because they're stupid" were so popular among feminists - that they created and successfully sold the slogan on tee shirts. Can't make this up folks...

    The main issue feminists have is with the 'pay gap', which has been debunked in great detail many times. So their main issue is a non-issue.

    Lastly, if I sat a woman down and asked her about privilege, I might first ask if she finds our way of living as appealing as the feminists proclaim it to be.

    For instance, I could ask if she'd like to be on the cards for military conscription at age 18?, or work in a coal mine for a living? Perhaps she would like to work for as many years as we do, while having their partner spend most of the earnings? Or maybe, if their partnership doesn't work out, she may want the privilege of walking into a family court, just knowing that she's likely not going to see her kids for a very long time - if at all. These are just some of the 'privileges' us men have.

    I watched 'the red pill' by former feminist Cassie Jaye, these concepts were already on my radar, but after watching that it's impossible for me to think of feminism as anything other than a hateful movement in its current state.
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    Living in the USA, there's not much choice. If you didn't want to date any feminists, there wouldn't be many women available to pursue. There are your everyday "equal rights", "equal pay" feminists, and then there are the crazy man-hating third-wave female-supremacy feminists. The crazy man-haters can die alone with their cats for all I care.
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