Would you date a feminist?

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by Lazarus Shuttlesworth, Oct 8, 2018.

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    Guys be lenient with the Feminazis.

    They have psychological issues and have been told since their childhood that they are entitled to everything by birth.

    Just ignore them, one day everyone finds his place in the world.

    Personally I have pity on them since they could be respected women if they only wanted to!
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    I think it really depends. There are many kinds of feminists out there, some are extreme and some are not. Some of them think they belive in equality and some actually do.
    (Have not read the other answers here, just read the question).

    The reason why feminists are in many ways looked at as something bad, is because the extreme once are the people hear most about. But the feminists that actually want equality "are boring" for the media/social media to cover. Often it is the extreme once that are loudest which make people have the wrong idea about feminism.

    So back to my point, it really depends on how extrem the person is. I have seen examples of extreme ones that want equal pay, but are not willing to pay the bill at dates - which is actually equality, if they did. But then there are those who at least would offer to pay. (I myself like to pay for the bill, but I also like to know that the girl I am on a date with, would pay if needed).


    Saw a post regarding where women work and where they don't. Equality in my opinion is not wether women work at a oil rig or not. Equality is if men and women work at the same place, do the same amount of work and get paid equal for equal work.

    It is not if a man or a woman wants to choose different fields. But it is important that they both have the rigth to choose "each others" fields of work.

    Saw a interesting video on youtube once. The one who interviewed asked how we could get rid of discrimination and racism. The one who answered said we have to stop talk about it. Give it some thougth.
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  3. So what you're saying is that I need to "be horrible better"! I'm trying! :D
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    @Lazarus Shuttlesworth in response to your original question I would say that a woman who is a classic/first wave feminist is fine. If she's a man hater then no fuckin way.
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    Very well put. I mean I don’t know why anyone would want to date someone who is a man or woman hater or an extremist at anything. I think if you are looking to date the question is not are you a feminist because that could mean so many things to so many people and lead to miscommunication. Rather ask questions geared towards the real issues that matter to you specifically. Just because a woman has a career, makes a lot of money and believes in equality does not make her a man hating angry extremist.

    If you desire a more traditional relationship and are looking for a wife to stay at home and raise children while you work again there’s nothing wrong with that just be upfront so you can find the right person who shares your desire. I am very upfront that I don’t want that. It sort of goes along with all the other things do you want kids? What’s your religion etc.
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    Nope not me. I do not waste my time with that. I do not feel lonely to date women or a feminist. If I want a companion, I do it through other things.
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  7. The previous waves of feminism made sense to me (equal rights n all) but what feminism stands for nowadays.. seems crooked to me. So i probably would not date a feminist :)
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    Famous "feminist" superhero Chelsea Handler, tweeted today "this is why we elect women on November 6th", followed with a picture of men to women ratio in the government. Obviously, her purpose was to show men dominate (elected?) positions. She really put that men dominated women 100% in presidency & I can't stop laughing; #thanksrussia, signed, america.
    What's sad is that a lot of women follow this bs without using their God-given brains to see through it & recognize real.
    Want to know something men excel at & are more prominent in? Dying. Dying so she can freely promote her "men get it better" narrative via the 1st amendment.
    When is the next male soldier inequality protest? Probably canceled because some woman was using her 1st amendment right to hang upside down, naked, yelling at all of the vets about how bad she has it.
    As a female, women like Chelsea Handler make my skin crawl & I feel so terribly sorry for those vulnerable enough to believe her & her movement.
    Please, do not date a woman who proudly boasts she's a feminist like a badge of honor. If you do, you'll get a Chelsea Handler...
  9. If only more women were like you. You are a true human being and not bottom feeding hate filled scum like feminist women out there
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  10. Unfortunately the counter to that is men die at the hands of other men in wars started by men over rules created by men. I do see your point though and dont really disagree in principle.
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    I just think they're confused little creatures, that will fade into the sunset as the next wave of "who are we going to hate now" comes through. In 20 years we'll all be robots anyways, right? ;)
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  13. Haha I dont know what that means but I can guess the intent. I thought I'd try my hand at mansplaining beta male white knight style. I guess I'll go back to agreeing with you in secret.
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  14. Pretty much sums it up. Hopefully we can avoid the robots
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    10/10 on beta male white knight
    No secrets in recovery; wave that mansplaining flag :emoji_sunglasses:

  16. Well said :)
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    Hell no. I’d never date a feminist or a liberal. Listening to them talk is like nails on chalkboard. “Whaaa patriarchy whaaaa mysogyny” Id be happy if those two words were removed from the dictionary!
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    I think it's obvious who I'd prefer to date and no explanations needed...
  19. (Speaking only about my experience here in the USA)

    No thanks. Today’s feminism is about female superiority not equality. I’m all for equality, not for either sex calling themselves superior.

    I want to date a woman who is respectful to all no matter who the person is.

    I hate being around women that are constantly using condescending language about men. (And really, I rarely meet women like that).

    It’s true that women in the past had lots of opportunities withheld simply because they were women. It was definitely wrong. But things now are a lot different. But listen to some of these modern feminists and one would think it’s still 1958 instead of 2018.

    I work for an airline and we have lots of female pilots and lots of females in management. They’re doing a great job as are the men.

    The lack of women in the maintenance department isn’t lack of opportunities, it’s because many women aren’t choosing it as a career.
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    Probably not. It would get tired constantly being put down for being a man, and outright dangerous if she ever pissed me off enough that I took a swing at her.

    Plus, most of the feminists I know look very masculine, and/or have a thousand tattoos/piercings.
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