Would you date a feminist?

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by Lazarus Shuttlesworth, Oct 8, 2018.


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    I mean, you can only get dragged to so many feminist events before you lose your shit and go on a shooting spree, right?
  2. Gotham Outlaw

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    If you were to get dragged to one of those events it's probably as a sacrifice
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  3. Jerkathon

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    Fuck, NO!
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  4. DogDaysOfLife

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    Yeah, I'm an atheist liberal so my dating pool is mostly feminist types of women. Polyamory is disturbing though and it will lead society down a dark path if we normalize it.
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  5. HereAndThere

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    Im sorry man. I feel your pain.
  6. if she hits you , you should be the one that dumps her , wtf man.and if she hits you i just bash her jaw like you would do with a man. you dont hit a lady , but if she is abusive well thats her loss .if she wants to fight like a man she can get an ass whooping like a man .it should be soooo obvious. glad so much more men are not putting up anymore with this crap anymore. if you hit your wife that would be very abusive , so in the other ways its just the same.if she trashtalks you , you shouldnt hit her. i think you should never try to hit people . but if they fight fysically , well thats 1-0 for you isnt it if you play by the same rules she does.
  7. Zephon

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    If she acts like the feminism of Sweden, USA or meanwhile Germany too than it is an absolute nogo for me. The feminists I met were aggressive, even if the opinions are a bit different. I cannot discuss with such feminists because they lose their mind if you say something different. I talk about the third wave of feminism. But if she fights for the equal treatment between man and woman, than it is okay as long as she is calm about this topic.
  8. Hammer To The Crotch

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    Define feminist. I think most females are feminist. I don't think you find out on first date. It just becomes clear over time.

    For the topics sake I would because I need a partner who is strong minded. I'm so uncertain about myself that it really helps.
  9. JKnight

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    No. Never. No 3rd-Wave feminists, basically a bunch of whiny girls who misinterpret statistics and facts for attention. Highly opinionated and only open to their own opinion.
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  10. JKnight

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    actually according to recent polls - click here to see it, less than half of women consider themselves feminists. I look forward to seeing that number decrease and sanity return to the human race. Or at least some sanity return
  11. Hammer To The Crotch

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    All I'm saying is it's not like they fly a flag or wear arm bands. They can be feminist and not know it.
  12. JKnight

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    there are other signs.

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