Would you go back into time to stop yourself from forming a bad habit?

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If given the chance would you go back into time to stop a bad habit from forming?

  1. Yes, i would love to go back in time and stop it!

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  2. I’m not sure because it’s made me into who i am today and gave me strength to change.

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  3. No, i wouldn’t want to tempt fate and possibly give my self an even worse habit.

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  1. Yuh skrt

    Yuh skrt Fapstronaut

    Im sure we’ve all heard to not mess with the past, but if you could just to stop a bad habit or an addiction from forming would you tempt fate?
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  2. Brain-Police

    Brain-Police Fapstronaut

    I would much rather go to the past and sit my younger self down and educate myself the cons and pros to every obsession which can later become an addiction. It would've helped tremendously
  3. Hell yes!

    -I'd walk away from the punk kid that showed me those girlie cards back in 1976 or '77. That was the beginning of an awful journey that hasn't ended yet.
    -I'd be nicer to all females, especially my sister. I remember at a young age, I slammed the door on a couple of neighborhood girls that were at our door because I thought all females were s#!t. My dad was very unhappy about that. Unfortunately I didn't change my attitude about women until I was an adult. I treated my sister even worse during my childhood. Something I deeply regret.
    -I'd obey both my parents regularly and wouldn't argue with them. My mom had some deep emotional issues and treated me like crap. I honestly hated her during my childhood years and would rubbish her character to my little brother. I deeply regret all of that too. I should have honored her even though she had issues.

    I think my negative attitudes towards women were contributing factors in my PMO addiction. But I can't blame anyone but myself. There were resources to quit a lot earlier than this and I didn't take advantage of them.
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  4. NO i woldun't knowing that I have a addiction makes me stronger and me beating it makes me a one of a kind
  5. u376

    u376 Fapstronaut

    Yes ...I will go back in 2011 and explain everything to my older self
    I will tell him to not be panic and afraid all the time
    And don't use masturbation as a stress buster
  6. I would love to take it all back, at least be able to keep it more natural and under control. Masturbation as a teen or you don't adult is one thing, the porn and PMO is another. It may also led led me to have more fun at that age. Butut then there is fate and how it could if changed my life now as in if I would have met my wife and had our family.
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  7. Blossom

    Blossom Fapstronaut

    I believe that everything that happens in life happens for a reason.
    Of course, I've made some mistakes but when you don't fall you don't learn
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  8. hell no

    I've learned so much about myself fighting this. the improvements I've made during this time of recovery have made me more measured and humble. Yeah it's hard, but where would growth come from if it wasn't learned through hardship?

    I'm still fighting this, and I'm happy to. There are lessons scattered all over this struggle. And there will be more habits and mistakes to deal with after this one, and I say bring it on. The only way is up. :emoji_metal:
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  9. What if you going back to your past to change it would happen for a reason too? :emoji_thinking:

    My answer is i wouldn't go back. At least to just stop me from PMOing. Maybe if i could educate myself on the things i have learned from this journey. But just quitting one habit might make me get another addiction, perhaps to do some cheap low-quality drugs and die from the impurities or something. Everything has worked out well even though the addiction has caused a lot of pain. I've learned too much about myself to give it away just to avoid some pain that has already happened to me.
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  10. HereAndThere

    HereAndThere Fapstronaut

    No way.
    My life is not great but my addictions were part of me, i am what i am because of them and i dont want to delete myself.
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  11. At first I said I wasnt sure. Then, after thinking about everyone I've met here and how they've changed my life, and how I've gotten to be a part of some of their lives, in one particular case even (in my opinion) the most important moment of someone's life, I changed my answer to no. All of that was worth it.
  12. Yes I would. No good has come from it and it has caused everyone attached to it pain.
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