Would you hit a girl back?

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  1. I am just pretty curious how do you guys see these things. I am not talking about a slap on the face, but like a fucking drunk chick literally punches you in the face for nothing
  2. I'd run away or try to hold her in a position she can't hurt me until she calmed down. If she's really drunk the latter seems to be a good choice because noone could accuse you of abuse or anything like that. It's not right, but I'd probably fight a guy. I think it has to do with the social value of a woman. Men used to protect them for them to bear children, they are more vulnerable so most guys (I think) wouldn't hit a woman back.
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  3. I think I wouldnt hit a women neither, but there are plenty of videos on youtube where you can see that women beat a guy for several minutes while the guys ask them to stop for lots of times, and when they got enough the hit back.. For me, this looks oretty fair, but for my luck I never got in trouble with such cocky girls. The other part of this is the gender equality thing which women fight really hard for...
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  4. Yeah gender equality.... they at this point - of course - do not want equality but benefits. They don't fight to work on fisherboats and get hit in the face. The guys that get hit in the face several times and then hit back: That's fair, I do not consider this a good outcome or solution, but not everone can handle a situation like this well, I don't know if I could.
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  5. John_Smith

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    If gender is a social construct then she can handle a punch.
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  6. Oh boy!

    I guess there are not many people here who think it's a social construct so I'll take it as venting. Good for you sir!
  7. If she is neo feminist who wants to deliberately misuse laws against men ,I will.
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  8. Well... then you are up to a messed up lawsuit against you. Because she might win this, you know the game I suppose...
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  9. If I got what you guys meant by social construct - it might be a social construct. Sex can be male or female, but society is what describes what it takes to be a "real man" or a "real woman" and thats gender from that point
  10. Thats the point.No one cares who Initiated the fight.
  11. Men and woman all have the same exact rights in the law and in front of the court!!
  12. It's biology at it's roots, that was followed up by a social construct. A man is not only a man because our culture describes it, but because of his biology - he is meant to be the working bee that is pushing society forward, females are selecting the genes for the next generations, that's why they chose to date successful men - men would f*ck a goat if there's nothing else.

    A discussion about it can be held at the level of culture or at the level of biology, but starting with biology explains a lot more I think.
  13. Yeah but there is a different dynamic in court if a man is accused of raping a woman or a woman of raping a man. Also society will act very differently for these cases.
  14. I totally agree with this, that with evolution its the best way the human race can survive. Thats why animals act like in particular ways when its about to make a family.
  15. I would punch her in a face with about equal force in return. Women do not get a free pass from me simply because they have a vagina between their legs. We are living in 21st century. Women are supposed to be equal now. That's what all the feminists are preaching, right? So I would threat her as equal. Not to punch her back would be considered sexist (benevolent sexism).

    I personally would never initiate physical violence. Especially on somebody physically weaker. That would not be fair. Even if that would be like a weak skinny male. But if they do initiate it I have all the rights to defend myself.
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  16. Exactly my thoughts.Its not 1800 or 1900 its 21st century.

    about respect i think No one deserves respect by birth either male or female they must earn my admiration and respect from me.

    If a stranger woman does slap me or kick me between legs .I would definitely show her how Deadly i can score a free kick
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  17. Rockhold

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    If a woman hits you, that just shows she deems you as a weak simp male. Like one of you mentioned a guy being hit over and over again, asking it to be stopped. Beta male red flag right there. Do I believe a woman should be hit back? Sure. Because they are manipulators of the situation. If you are a weak man, weak husband, weak child, and you give off that vibe, women will know it.

    I remember as a kid playing with my little brother, and we had these super soakers. I saw this guy in the corner of my eye and gave him a splash in the face. Now this dude screams on top of his lungs and literally awakes the entire neighbourhood. My mom opens the door like what the fuck had just happened, a freak accident? Nope, just a simp male screaming like a bitch. She was like WTF, are you serious idiot? IT'S JUST WATER.

    You know what the simp male said lmao? NO, NO,NO, BUT IT COULD BE ACID, THEY ALREADY SPRAYED ME WITH SOMETHING NASTY, bla bla.

    The weak beta dude couldn't just take the loss of being splashed in the face, in the summer, and acted out.

    That is why I advocate against simpdom, weak beta males are just as worse as stuck up feminist skanks.
  18. Basically what you are saying is that if a woman start to insult you its because she sees you as a weak male? And if you were hit by a female you would hit back immediately?
  19. Rockhold

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    Yeah, basically. You shouldn't even put yourself in the position of being punched, or insulted. There are levels to beta behaviour - white knighting and fighting other guys over chicks is one as well. If a chick already knows what's up with you, she would never hit you.

    Remember War Machine? Bad ass MMA fighter, kicked bouncers ass and was dating a porn-star? Even though he appeared to be alpha, he had beta tendencies. He ended up almost killing her for cheating, and now is in jail for the rest of his life probably. He was caught slipping - never simp out. Tried to wife a hooker lmao.
  20. My father was beating hell out of my mother when I was a very young kid, i front of me...
    So if I'll see anyone hitting a female, if someone won't stop me, I'm going to kill someone.
    Don't hit women!

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