Would you hit a girl back?

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  1. Bingo. Guys who can't take a punch to their face or pride are just boys.
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    Generally no, Its simply wrong. However if a women starts acting like a man then you treat her like a man, so if she hits you, and theres no other way then hit her but only with enough force.
  3. Why should I stand a punch to my face for no obvious reason. So what makes a man a man is that he let himself get humiliated by a girl? Because as I see, punchin sbdy on the face is a very disrespectful act despite the fact that it is done by a man or a woman..
  4. Why would being hit in the face by a drunk chick be a humiliation to you? Is your manly pride that sensitive? The greater humiliation to your manliness is you being unable to control yourself over the actions of someone who's not in their right state of mind. Would you also feel humiliated if someone who's mentally handicapped punched you in your precious face?
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  5. I
    This guy is right .
  6. I do not think that we should compare mentally handicappped people with drunk ones, because in most of the cases drunk ones are responsible for their mental state by drinking that much and the law (at least in my country) is sticks with this idea. I am not saying that I lose my manliness by a punch, but despite the fact she is drunk she just dont have the rights to disrespect someone.
  7. Not punching her back is not condoning her actions, so I don't see the problem. Maybe being a young adult you've had little experience with adulting. You see in an adult enviormemt the humiliation would all be on the drunk chick. Why? Because she allowed herself to get to a point where she couldn't control herself. The only time you become humiliated is if you lower yourself to her level. Make sense? Heck in an adult environment you hitting her back would cause you the greater humiliation since you've just proven you can't control yourself even when you're not intoxicated.
  8. Yeah I totally got your idea and agreed on this. Maybe I was just trying to approach this topic in a more legal way :- )
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  9. @h o b b e s explained perfectly.
    dont drag down at all
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    You don't have to hit them , just take them down to the ground (easily) if she persists & hold them until tension clears . Best way to do it .
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