Would you prefer a male or female psychologist?

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  1. Do you go or have you been to a psychologist, therapist? I'm thinking about seeing one. I've been to three women in the past and one man. I just felt more secure and comfortable talking to women. I'm 26 now and i would like to talk about sex, real relationship problems and work related stuff. Do you think that the gender affects anything? Specially when talking about sex. Stuff that man go through and to know more about the point of view of women. Share your experiences, if you have one. :)
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    I have seem several psychologists throughout my life. Most of them have been very helpful for my mental health and outlook in life. I've seen both male and female psychologists and I don't have a preference for either. My current psychologist is female. She's very nice. But in regards to your question, I think if you want to discuss sexuality then this could affect who you look for. But then again if it's relationship and sex in general, either could do. If you wanted a "male perspective" then see a male psychologist. At the end of the day, however, psychologists are professionals and should be comfortable talking about several subjects (unless outside of their particular expertise). I'd worry about you being comfortable with them and making sure they have the expertise you need. For instance, some psychologists might not be too verse on some subjects or types of therapy. But no, the gender of the psychologist should not have a major impact on you discussing sex, sexuality and relationships with them.

    Hope this helps, even if my answer is "well...it depends" haha.

    Good luck!
  3. Thanks man, i would like to see a professional that can talk about a lot of subjects, especially that has some understanding in the area of adhd. But i would like to discuss too stuff that goes through the minds of women, so i could understand them more. Maybe a female could be better to understand the female perspective of things, but a guy too could be cool because he could have a lot of experiences with woman. I don't know. But i guess i wont care to much about gender anyway. Thanks.
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  4. I strongly advise against seeing a female therapist, even if you want to understand women. First advice from women isn't really useful for men and second there is always some dynamic, which gets in the way of therapist/patient, regardless of how professional they try to behave. It might be invisible to you, but it's still there.

    So while visiting a woman can be a very nurturing and comforting experience, for good results (therapy success) you shouldn't choose this option in your own interest.
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    I had a female psychologist and she was great. But I'm sure an equally understanding and intelligent male psychologist would have been equally good.
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    A hot psychologist would be a bad idea for me.
  7. My thoughts exactly.
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    Remember you are seeking a psychologist and not a 'bro' to give you tips on picking up women!
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    When I was 19, I went to a psychiatrist for adhd+ social anxiety. I went with my mom because aforementioned social anxiety, and he spent most of the time talking to her. He then gave me drugs, and kept suggesting that I find a young female therapist for additional treatment. I'm guessing he thought I was nervous around girls and that getting used to a girl would help me get over that. Possibly, he thought having a girlfriend would solve things for me. I never took up his advice; too nervous to call a therapist office, but I know from both before and after this event that having girlfriends did not help either of my issues.

    I think a male psychologist, particularly a masculine father-like one would be helpful for me. I struggle relating to men, they typically aren't interested in what I'm interested in, and being teased by them results either in me missing the joke; or being unable to respond appropriately, becoming furious and having to go brood. But I have none of these problems with women. Again, I think this relates to father issues more than anything else.
  10. I think I might feel more comfortable with a male psychologist, really. That's just because a lot of my issues right now revolve around sexuality, and porn. I feel like things might get really uncomfortable talking to a female psychologist about things like that, after all they might have a certain perspective or view surrounding porn, and male sexuality in general, and I think that might get in the way more. I understand they have to be professional, but still...I don't know. I think the male psychologist stands as my answer. The only exception would be if sex wasn't going to be the topic of discussion.
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    I would never go to a psychologist as I've had a lot of bad experiences with such people before, but if I had to go I would choose a male over a female.

    I'd feel better with a male.
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    I've been to a few for a short term, all women but I would change that preference at this point if I had a better choice - because there's way too many factors to consider and I have a more detailed understanding of the mind now.

    The thing is any therapist worth their weight better be equipped to address issues with both men and women, and they are supposed to know specific relationship dynamics beyond that like within the family. On the one hand it's not that easy to judge when you haven't worked with them long term, but on the other I now know enough to see what kind of theoretical box that they may have been working from when I look back on my experience. Some of them are very compassionate, but in terms of the therapeutic value you want them to be insightful and figure things out on some level. If it's long term therapy where there's little expectation of making breakthroughs then it might make sense to go with your comfort level, but if I ever did engage in therapy again I'd want to be reasonably confident that the person may help me unravel whatever issue I got going on, and not just be someone that's nice to talk to.
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    OP, you gotta do what works for you. Individual psychologists will vary - and it's not really about their gender. They all have their own little beliefs and prejudices just like everyone else. You'll find that out when you go to see them.

    The best psychologist is the one you feel most comfortable talking to. They won't be able to do their job unless you can open up to them, no matter how great or knowledgable they might be.
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    Doesn't matter as long as he/she is competent. Also, look up the type of therapy being practiced and look at the demonstrated effectiveness of that type of therapy. Will be different for different psychological problems/purposes.

    I think different types of behavioral therapies are generally most useful, and I think there is good evidence to support that.
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    I have a female psychiatrist. I don't have any problems with it. The trick with therapy is to not settle until you found one that you feel comfortable open up to.
  16. Wow awesome guys, i didn't know my thread had so many answers, i didn't get any alerts about it, weird. but anyway, someone indicated a female psychologist and i'm seeing her now, i did two sessions, i had a lot of stuff to say so this 2 times i saw her just i said stuff she was taking notes and she said she has a lot of questions for me but first had to understand my situation, i feel comfortable talking to her, so i guess its fine. it will take some time now to know if its gonna work.
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    It's mostly about building trust. I went to only one female therapist, but there was something with her that I didn't trust; I doubt it's because she was female though. Do you trust that this person YOUR best interest at heart? It takes time to build a relationship.
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    Nice man. Happy for you. Don't hold back with that shit, go all in. Good luck!

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