Would you rather lose sight or hearing

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  1. I have thought about this a bit, and although losing sight would practically be much worse a disability, I would still rather lose sight than hearing. If I lose sight I can't drive or navigate the world very well. I could only read in Braille. I would be burdensome to others, couldn't do complex things with my hands. Any many other disadvantages. BUT if I was deaf, I couldn't properly communicate with humans. Nuanced and deep communication would be severely limited. I would just feel so disconnected. I could handle blindness better than I could handle deafness, I think. My career possibilities would be greater. I would feel more connected in relationships. I would adapt to use touch more. I think sex would be WAY hotter with sound, touch, taste and smell, than with everything but sound. And, I couldn't really view porn either ;)
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  2. Hearing. Because i would still like to see my family and play video games.
    Although i love music and it is very important to me, losing sight is scary i don't know.
    But at the moment i would like to lose my fucking life because i can't stand relapsing over and over again and feeling depressed. DAMN...
    Sorry for my rant. Not my best day. ;(
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  3. bruh.. there are more sustainable paths to go down that will ease the depression. I feel you though. it do be like that sometimes. Me or literally anybody on here will be up for chats if you feel like you need to chat
  4. I would rather lose hearing. I like to see more than hear and I like the way I see things.
    I feel I could be of more use in work if I can see. If someone doesn't know sign language there is always paper. But of course I would be probably already be a pro at reading lips soooo, as long as I can understand the customer....
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  5. Definitely hearing. I feel like it would be really scary to be blind. And also I love ASL and already know some of it, so I wouldn't mind having to learn that and communicate that way. I mean obviously it wouldnt be as nice as being able to hear, but if I had to choose between the two, I think I could make my peace with that one. There are really sad things about both, though, like either never being able to see my husband's face again or never being able to hear his laugh. Either of those would be horrible.
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  6. Fuck actually nevermind. Sight I guess
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  7. I'd rather just die. Couldn't be arsed with all the faffing about otherwise.
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  8. drac16

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    I'd rather lose my hearing, so that I can still read books and play video games.
  9. I'mJustAChoice

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    As much as I love music, which is so damn much, I'd rather lose hearing. Way better to live in permanent silence than in permanent darkness.
  10. Honestly, sometimes I genuinely wish I could turn my ears off. Lol dont get me wrong, I wouldn't want to be permanently deaf, but sometimes I'm jealous of the silence, because a lot of sounds really grate on my nerves more than most people.
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  11. MLMVSS

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    Hearing, so that I actually have a reason to ignore people when needed.
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  12. Deaf people go to musical events. Some stoner doom type music (I think the article was about the band Om), and some special nightclub nights, are loud (and I would guess bassy) enough that they can enjoy feeling the vibrations.
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