Wow feeling like this really sucks!!!

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  1. wow it is loneliness it is depression it is a little bit of both it truly sucks ... now I understand why I use Porn and masturbation to escape reality it's really sad very sad I guess sometimes is better to exchange deep sadness for big shame and regret but I won't relapse today not today although I have been tempted since yesterday urges and cravings but today is different I feel very depressed and lonely and I see a way out in Pmo but I am embracing my pain .. tomorrow will be another day besides I am 2 day away from 7 seven days a week free but I'm not there yet so I will taste this depression and I will be a friend of my loneliness god bless everyone
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    this line is very important and give one important clue to get away from this filthy habbit. REality. must do some small things that could connects us to other real things.
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    That's great. You're making progress. Good mindset!
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    Don't worry about that feeling, mate! All of us experienced this when we reached more than 3 days of no PMO. This will eventually pass and will also come back, it's not easy, all sorts of feelings will hit when you are not expecting, that's why you need to be strong to overcome this. I had a period of almost 6 months no PMO, but I was unprepared and relapsed again.

    I want to do this again, but somehow I need to re-develop that habit. You have 5 days for now, which is great because it's something for now, so continue like this and the progress will be there.
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