wow that was a slap in the face rudest thing in a few months

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by always108, Dec 13, 2015.

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    I was on the tram minding my own business and every seat was taken except the one next to me. two girls hopped on one girl walked over to take the spare seat and then the other one said don't take that seat look at him you wouldn't want people to think we associate with him and then the other one said good point a rudely went up to me and shouted to get up and leave. so I walked away to another spot on the carriage and then they were sitting there and said no leave the train so I got off and they were laughing at me. I am not that sad or anything its just that I think this is the rudest thing anyone has done to me off the top of my memory I cant believe this happened. I am not angry I assume they had a really bad day I just thought this was a funny story. it made me feel lonely though as no one seemed to care in fact a couple people laughed at me and one called me a pussy.
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    reflecting a bit more though this is the most interaction I've had with a real woman my age for months maybe it has given me some confidence as I dealt with a bad situation situation's should usually be easier from now :)
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    Wow, did this really happen? How can people be that mean? I like the way you're dealing with this. Do not make yourself the victim here. The people insulting you are the ones with weak personalities and if you have a lot of room in your heart, the best thing you can do is to feel sorry for them for being that empty on the inside. However, to not experience something like this again, think about what made them see you that way. You don't have 'loser' written on your forehead. What could it be? And then: Work on changing this!
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    maybe they were such horrible people that It was pre planed it seemed a bit fishy I mean even if someone was the so called biggest looser I don't understand why people would do that the person. I cant image something that would make me such a target unless they knew me as I was bullied a lot at school. but it was a all boys school so I kind of hope they did plan it overwise it would mean as you said I do something that gives off massive "looser vibes".
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    Misandry, that is all it is. Some women are just like that. Their bad behaviour does not mean that you have "loser vibes".
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    there have been a couple of other incidences like this but not as bad so I will take it as a coincidence
  7. Don't let them bring you down. You are awesome and you know that.

    You're doing NoFap. So you're already on a great path. Keep going.
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    thanks for the support guys
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  9. always108

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    I am surprised that this happens to other people I thought It was a one off.
  10. People are going to think I'm stupid or ridiculous for saying this, but all of these events we attract ourselves. The fact that you actually left the train and did what they said is the problem, not the girls themselves. People have free will to do what they want. Of course, I don't agree with the way they treated you and it was rude, yes, but you bowed down to them. The universe was trying to teach you a lesson about yourself. Why didn't you stand up for yourself? Why did you let them win? There's an emotional reason in yourself for allowing them to walk all over you. What's the emotional injury?

    There's a huge lesson here. This incident wouldn't have happened to someone else who didn't have the same emotional injury as you. They would have stood up to the girls and told them to fuck off, or, they would have felt that they wouldn't have been able to get away with saying such things. The universe is always trying to show us our emotional injuries so that we can heal from them. It's a lesson.
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    Yeah, I was thinking this. Misandry. But who knows?

    And sadly, there are girls at my school that can talk shit and push boys for no reason because they know that a lot of manginas would be defending them if they dare retaliate.
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    Rude stuff like that happens to me all the time, especially when I worked as a cashier. Just take it like a man...However, you should not have left the seat man, there was absolutely nothing they could do.
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  13. Completely and utterly agree.
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    sorry I was scared I'm easily intimidated by people I struggle to look in the direction of someone most of the time.
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    Thew fuck man you actually left the train. Let me tell you 2 stories about dignity and rudeness. I'll start with the rude one - a man was buying a newspaper from the newspaper stand every day. And the newspaper man was always rude and discourteous to him. And yet he was buying the newspaper from there every day. One day some friend asked him "dude why the fuck you buy the newspaper from that stand, when the newspaperman is always rude to you" and he replied "Why should he decide where I buy my newspaper from?". Why should those girls decide you have to leave the train or even get up from your seat. The fact that you even interpreted this as a positive thing shows the lack of character and self-esteem you have. The second story is about an emperor in ancient china. So this emperor was very triumphant in his war endeavors and each time he had a victory he made the villages salute and glorify him when he passes. Otherwise he'd cut their heads. This 1 day he was walking past some temple after a victory, but he didn't see no people cheering. So he asked his people to bring him the top monk. They brought the top monk and the emperor said to him "Do you know that in front of you stands someone who could cut your head without a blink of an eye?" At which the top monk replied "Do you know that in front of you stands someone who could get his head cut without the blink of an eye. Now I'm not saying that if you have a shop and a the mafia comes and says give me monthly rent you deny, I'm using this in a metaphorical sense - KNOW WHAT YOU STAND FOR. They obviously saw by the way you walk talk and stand, that you are insecure so they saw an opportunity to pry on that weakness. It's always about the bully, not you they want to feed their ego and feel that thirst for power. Of course these are sad pitiful individuals living of unfulfilling life and yet they exist. They have not yet realized that you grow more with love than with hate. but yet they exist so the only way to deal with it is build your character values and beliefs and be assertive. Do you resonate with the man who takes this kind of shit from people? If you had the chance to relive that situation what would you do? I'd tell you what a man with dignity would do - he'd say that he doesn't approve of how he is treated with and would not leave his seat, or the tram. He'd say that they can still use the seat the next to him but would not like to be referred to since he founds just talking to someone so low displeasing. And of course if they would not come to the terms you'd give them it would come to physical violence, IF they engage in it, but it won't come to that beacuse through your assertiveness you'd made yourself clear that making fun of you will prove quite hard and most people are inclined to walk the path of least resistance so they'd quit degrading you. I'm telling you this because this shit has happened to me. When i was 5-6 grade some elder girls started commenting on me (ironically in a tram) and I don't remember what they actually said but they were making fun of me in a way. They literally followed me a few blocks until I juked them fast around a corner. I wanted it all to stop. And this is not all when I was 15-16 I was minding my own business like you, again in the same fucking tram and 2 girls again started a conversation with me. It was in a sort "what's up bro" and it was fine at first. then they started to make fun of me again of my jacket how my mother bought it (because it wasn't "stylish" and relatively old), then how i have some pimples on my face and a moustache. 1 girl even literally held a lighter up to my moustache until she burned it a little and i pushed away her hand. I got really mad and was thinking of beating them up which they saw and said "don't you even dare touch me x man in my life will break your bones if you do" . The tram was getting even more full of people and noone really did anything but the harrassers didn't mind also. Now i was not the man I am now but i still told them I did not like their mentality and eventually they got off. So please man if you build your individuality shit like this won't even happen, beacuse they won't even consider of doing it. I hope you got something useful out of this.
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    had i been in the situation even i would've walked off. at times its better to stay away from people who dont like you instead of fighting with them n proving a point. i think life is too short to fight. i'm not saying we mustn't defend ourselves.

    but if a storm or a wild dog is heading to you, you would back off. even animals like lions run away when there are too many hyenas around. i've seen a video of women beating up another woman n even heard of a story where a guy got his friends n beat up some other guy.

    i'm not some saiyan to defend myself. i'd rather ignore the people(if i can) and chat with my friends.

    i'm not ashamed to be afraid.

    but it was rude what those women times when something like this happens to me, i think that one day that person(bully) will meet someone tougher than him. that'll teach the bully a lesson.
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    There is a time to step back from a confrontation, and a time to stand up for yourself. I wasn't there, I can't say what that situation actually was. But unless they were physically threatening, I wouldn't have backed down.

    When I was a boy, I let myself be bullied too often. Only when I grew up did I begin to learn how better to handle those situations. Sometimes humor, sometimes disengagement, sometimes hitting back (I don't mean physically).

    With all respect, if this is hard for you, you may want to think about how you can game n those skills and confidence. I know parents who told me, this is why they enrolled their kids in self defense or judo or sports. For me, it came with other successes. It doesn't have to be about physical strength, but a sense of self worth.
  18. tyyyr

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    Geezzz.. Seriously men up!
    So what that they have other girls to defend them? I mean ok if that would have been two huge guys you could be afraid of being beated and if you're small guy but girls? Seriously?
    Next time just do a poker face and tell them to fuck off no one can bully a person if he simply do not care.
    If I were you I would have started to laugh at them saying something "wouu since when street hookers get to decide who's sitting where" and then I would turn ny head away saying "could you please get off because ugly bitches makes me puke".. I know its harsh but ether you treat them same as they treat you or it won't change.

    P.S. And always, always avoid saying something smart like "this is a public space and I can sit where I want" this won't help it has to be harsh. A country where I'm from you can be bullied even if you're 60 or smth so I know what I'm saying.
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  19. Darkstar 22.84

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    Dude, remember this moment as the time of your life when you chose not to speak up.
    Let it be the last and final chapter.

    From now on, whoever acts this way to you can go to hell. Be sure to let them know this.
    Women or men.

    Don't let people trample all over you. You deserve respect.
    Treat yourself right. All the time.

    Then, when something like this happens, you will be able to react and fight back for your right to stay on the god damned train
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  20. recoome

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    or if you get off the train then pray that the train explodes with no one getting injuured but those two bullies are launched to the crescent moon from where they hang and say: yadda yadda yadda.

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