Wtf is my sexuality??

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Swagnation, Oct 10, 2018.

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    Okay i don't have much time as i write this, so it will be a bit of a summary but okay. I'm gonna start by saying something i've never said to anyone: i've never fapped to regular porn. For some reason, naked women can't turn me on, and naked men neither since i'm a straight guy. Its pretty bad because i think a vagina looks disgusting, and i'm honestly not interested in fucking girls. I do watch shit that arouses me tho. But my preference for what i want to watch is the most random weird combination of things. This is awkward to say, but luckily i'm anonymous here, so i'm gonna say it. I have a really weird combination of a dominantion/ giantess fetish and a navel fetish. Disgusting, i know, i'm not proud of it. I'm not gonna describe how exactly that works, but yeah i prefer that shit over naked women. I really don't know what will happen if have a girlfriend and she wants to have sex. Its so weird because i do feel attraction to real women, but seeing them naked would probably make them less attractive for me. I hope that if i do nofap for a long period of time i will be cured of my fetishes, but it really doesn't feel like they will ever go away. And another thing that i have is that i'm attracted to mutual understanding. So when you really have a bond with a person where you just deeply understand each other. This sounds obvious, but for me this a really huge part of what i'm attracted to in real girls. But today i noticed something strange. I don't know if nofap can turn a straight person info a bi-sexual person but today i was talking with a friend of mine, and i really have the mutual understanding thing with him, and he looked at me with this sort of understanding view in his eyes and i felt the same feeling i feel when i have a crush on a girl. Even when i typed that out, it reminded me of that moment and i still got that feeling. Like wtf? I don't think i'm attracted to him, but maybe i am, unconciousy or something. I find it kind of strange. Is anyone here in the same situation as me , with the fetish things and/or has experienced the sudden bi-sexual sort of thing that i experienced?
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  2. I've seen very similar questions a few times. I can understand your worry in what you are saying. As concerning as this is right now, you should focus on getting away from PMO. You will find that these things sort themselves out after abstaining for a time.
    You can do this.
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  3. I agree, although shifting desires and triggers are common in my experience. Reboot through NoFap should reboot your sexual desire. Figure out who you are after the attacks from the demons are gone, not whilst they are besieging your walls.
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  4. Maybe you are just gay, but you have been disavow it whole life? Most likely your thing is not porn induced.
  5. I am gay, I know this, but I've fapped to straight porn and some weird shit. It's not about sexuality, it's about addiction.
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  6. Swagnation

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    Hmm, anybody else who can say if the gay thing is because of addiction or sexuality?
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    If you will believe for a moment that God created man and women period. The two were to companions and join together sexually as one. God did not create gay, lesbian, queer and so on. That being said. Experiences in our lives, physically or mentally in fantasy porn, train our brains into latch on to what excites us. The more a person fantasies something it takes away desire from another. Perhaps that is why you do not see women as stimulating as God has intended. I say this with experience as I was gender confused being exposed to sexual abuse with another boy being very young. Of course i liked having my dick sucked so thought I was attracted to guys. I am married and will always have some SSA as it is implanted in my brain but as understanding where those feelings came form allows me to forgive and enjoys love with my wife as intended. Hope this helps just a bit. You are what you train your brain to be......
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    Very healthy to feel a strong bond with another male who you respect. How do you think we ever hunted and waged war as tribesmen?
  9. JRex

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    I was only ever addicted to chat rooms. It wasn't like I started with a fixation with females which shifted over time to males. I started with a fixation with males because that is imprinted in my brain. I would class myself as g0y.
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    Not really, smh. I think everyone takes care of their own business, I just stay busy with my own life. I do not worry too much about that. Even though my withdrawals symptoms still there but they just are only for a temporary time.
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    Swagnation es por adiccion, algunas personas son propensas a sentir este tipo de atraccio lo mas normal es que sea inducido por la p, pero no es el unico medio por eo cual las personas se hacen homosexuales, me refiero a la p
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    The more I study this stuff, the more I realize that human sexuality is more of a spectrum than a binary. It's borne out in the history of every human society. I think we incline more one way or the other but it does not stop us from admiring beauty even in our sex.
    It worried me as well. I thought I might be bisexual until I realized that when I see a good looking man, what's going through my head is that I want his shoulders, his hair etc. Basically I want to look like him, not take him to bed. When I see a good looking woman, it's the complete opposite. I don't want my legs to look like hers but I do want her physically. Once I came to the conclusion, I felt a lot easier about myself and my sexuality. Maybe it's the same for you? You have a close bond with your friend which you might have felt uncomfortable about?
  13. How young were you when you were exposed to porn and how would you describe your sexuality back then? It's quite possible that porn messed you up. You shouldn't worry too much about your fetishes or your sexuality right now, but see how well you can reboot, and how you can improve your lifestyle. Don't worry about your fetishes when you have a girlfriend etc... that is in the future. Worst case scenario you can fake it til you make it. Or, you know, you don't have to have sex right away. I think that mutual connection with other people is a normal thing. You are lucky to have such a good friend. I don't think it makes you bisexual. Anyway, don't let it stress you out. Speaking from experience, the more you fret the more confused you will get.
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    There's actually many cases about HOCD (search on reddit/nofap). It's very possible sex fantasies and porn to mess up your sexuality.

    What you need to do it completely stay away from anything you used prior. In time you will lose the interest.
  15. TrueSaiyan

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    I may be in your same place, but I exactly am not sure yet of what I know. Recently these past two years I've gained an attraction to shemale's? I've never been attracted to shemale's in my life, but if I talk to the right one. I feel an attraction from down to up and my mind treats her still like a woman. It's crazy but, maybe we are just expreiencing a shift. When I was young and in my early 20's I was straight and wildly attracted to woman and now I've opened up I guess.
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    Bro I have giantess/feet fetish too. Could you get rid of it?
  17. Kligor

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    I was never attracted to vanilla/regular sex,only femdom and foot fetish.Same with me buddy,i always asked myself"what when i find a girlfriend and she want sex" that question is always doom to me.
  18. Meporannt

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    We are all the same. I am an anti-social person. I never had a girlfriend. The problem was my character. I hope I can get rid of it. Women torturing fetishists.
    Edit : My english is so bad sorry

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