Xbox One X screen flickering

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  1. Two months ago, I traded my Xbox One for a preowned One X and starting last month, the screen has been randomly flickering, even on the main screen. Gamestop stop helped me diagnose it as a broken connection in the system. Since I bought a warranty, they let me trade it in for a brand new one, and that was three days ago. I just found it doing it again today and now I'm a little irritated. Is this a common problem?
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    try plugging the HDMI cable into another socket like HDMI 2 or so.
    didn't work? try a new HDMI cable
    didn't work? try the Xbox on another TV just to check if your TV has any issues
    tip: make sure that HDMI socket is clean of dust or anything, just don't mess up the pins, a little air blow will do
  3. My coworker just told me the same thing. I know it's not the TV since I plugged it in to a different HDMI port and it was still doing it. And that 4K HDMI cable wasn't cheap either

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