Xmas Dinner Was A Huge Revelation For Me

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Stoic, Dec 26, 2016.

  1. Stoic

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    It was incredible painful for me, I used to ve a very social kid always having fun, talking whatever topic I wanted, Giving the fun to the party...

    But now that I'm 21y, I suffer from a huge social anxiety and I feel worthless and no without any value, so boring but deeply inside I know that Im extrevorted! SO WHY IM ACTING LIKE A SHY MAN?

    Yes because of P addiction

    Hated myself so much, being on the table with a family that I know loves me and still I even couldnt talk 2 whole phrases, didn't looking in to the eyes, weak voice with a fast speech, low self-esteem, all rubbish.

    My experience with nofap was intermittent, 1 whole month nofap, then giving up, chaser effect, go for 2 weeks, then give up again, after that forgetting nofap like 3 months to come again with a different username...

    Please guys I really need help, I don't know what to do and I can't commit for something like this im trully desperate
  2. Rocha

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    Don't worry so much. It's all a process we are experiencing here, with different shades. You already know this is affecting you and that's the first step. The worse is thinking that this isn't harmful. Stay strong, establish routines and don't be fooled, you will relapse. If it was easy, we wouldn't need this community to quit porn.

    The best thing for you now is take a cold shower (if it's possible), go for a walk and distract yourself from it. Go away from your computer and engage outdoor activities. It always help me.

    Good luck and may the force be with you ;)

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