y = x + 3654

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    There are 3,654 days between now, Tuesday the 31st of December 2019, and the start of 2030. So if we take our current streak and add 3654 days that is our goal. If we succeed then we will have spent the next decade free from porn use. For me that is 1,186 + 3,654 or 4,840 Days.

    It is the start of a new decade tomorrow: let's aim long, let's do this.
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    Wow, a bit ambitious challenge, don't you think so?

    Sorry, but I can't solve one simple ecuation with two variables. ;)
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    Here I am thinking one day at a time and here.. a decade lol
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    @CodeTalker ...
    I don't like Trump at all, but ... the quote is catchy!
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