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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by VeryUnderstanding, Mar 13, 2016.

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    Hi everyone i seen a quote from ybop saying for boys aged 10 to 14 without any previous sexual experience there is no reset button

    What on earth does this mean my seuxual identity is fucked for life? I watched tranny porn at around 14 does this mean my sexual identity is tranny i hope for the love of god its not my first sexual porn video was lesbian i hope thats my identity
  2. Plenty of people started around that age range with porn and they're fine after they had beaten their addiction, read the succes stories here if you require proof. Further more this is psychology, not hard science.
  3. I'd take attention-seeking quotes like that with a pinch of salt. Go the distance with Nofap and you'll be fine. Have faith.
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    No reset button?

    To paraphrase Kramer; 'I AM NOT A ANIMAL COMPUTER!':mad:
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  5. In the last 10 days I have seen a few comments on this. Chef Boy's advice about taking it with a pinch of salt it correct. The phrase can be concerning, especially when the context is not understood. What it means is, for the generations of guys who grew up on internet porn, before they had sexual experiences, there is nothing to "to go back to", in the reboot. Re setting means going back, as in rewiring your brain to reward something it rewarded in the past, as in going back to rewarding sex. If you never had sex in the first place, there is nothing to go back to. We are coming to the end an an era, the era being guys who experienced sexual experiences before the invention of High Speed Internet Porn. Those guys are a shrinking group on the edge of extinction. Now when we talk about "rebooting" it will have nothing to do with "resetting"; it will be training our brains to reward sex for the very first time. Hold on, we are in for a bumpy ride.

    There never really was a "reset button." I wish there were, and like many here, in the middle of the addiction, given the option of completely losing any sexual feeling, of losing all of my sexuality, to simply turn off the addiction, I would have chosen to turn off the addiction if that meant I would never have had a sexual feeling of any kind, forever. Mentally, I would have chosen to feel nothing at all if that was what I had to do to quit the feeling the addiction made me feel. But, it does not work that way, no easy way out, I am afraid.

    When YBOP talks this way it refers to brain reward pathways. There are two types of guys in here, the guys who grew up and had actual, sexual, experiences before the invention of High Speed Internet Porn, and the guys, like you, who have no sexual experience before High Speed Internet Porn. First group of guys are a dying breed. Before long, every male in America will be exposed to High Speed Internet Porn as, sort of, their first sexual experience. It is easier for the first group of guys, older guys, who had sex, before becoming addicted, to rewire. Why? They are re-wiring to something that, at least for a while in their lives, existed for some time prior: actual sex. There is a pathway, so to speak, in those guys brains, they can try to return to.

    Younger guys, who first wired to HSIP, have it more difficult. They are not going back to anything. They are not rewiring to actual sex, as a reward mechanism, because they never had actual sex, in the first place. For them, they must first reboot. Really, every addict must first reboot. But, for the younger guys, the wiring process will be totally new, whereas for the older, their brains at least recognize sex can be rewarding.

    Don't freak out, just understand what Gary Wilson is saying. Quitting porn, for an addict, was never going to be anything but incredibly painful and difficult. The good news is, you can do it. I did it, I am no superman, you can do it, many others have done it. You can do it. But, you have to quit porn addiction, aka porn induced dopamine addiction, before you do what nature designed you to do. In case you are wondering, that means, having sex.

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    very interesting post my friend i understand it now so for it to work for me, i need to reboot to before i even watched porn to wire my actual sexuality into my pathways, like i know my sexuality is straight but to completely wire to that, id have to have done the reboot? because for a people with a porn addiction there is no actual sexuality there sexuality is everything if you know what i mean, they have no actual name for there sexuality or you could say there sexuality is porn?
  7. VeryUnderstanding

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    and also since i am in that catagory does that mean i shouldnt be having sex with my girlfriend in the 90 day period? i am actually having sex without orgasm(karezza ancient theory), in saying that it actually feels like im wiring some pathways ! because im having sex for about 30 to 40minutes without orgasming and its as if im manually wiring some pathways
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    Man hey you're good don't worry. I find that when i get an erection now if I hurt myself I won't touch it.
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    are u going to let some quote make u relapse? look at the success stories, it proves that quote wrong.
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