Years without PMO, Before and After Pictures, Living a Happy and Fulfilling Life

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by TothBernat, May 2, 2017.

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    Still 997 days to go. If you read then OP went 100% in since day 1 to bettering himself - healthy food, exercise, etc. In other words 100% loving himself and living life.
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    The transformation is crazy, man! You’ve trutly grown a lot, sending a virtual pat on the back for this one. Inspired me a lot.
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    Very motivated,thanks for sharing your story.
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  4. 989 days left. I am committed to it this time. I want to serve the LORD and quitting this garbage is the correct step.
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    If you want to serve the Lord then read New Testament in the Bible every moorning so you might know what God wants from you.
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    Hey! I'm hopping in for a quick update.
    I've been reading all of your responses, it fills me with joy and happiness to hear from you all.
    Thank you so much for your feedback, it means a lot!

    I feel eternally grateful to everyone who has contributed in any way to the NoFap community.
    Without you I wouldn't be here, and I would've missed one of the biggest opportunities of my life: to come out of this addiction and start a life changing journey.
    It's very rewarding to come back to the Forum and read your responses. I still can't believe that my story can inspire other people, it's amazing when I think about it and it also gives me a sense of fulfillment and happiness to give back a little bit in this way.

    I recently finished a 10 day meditation retreat and I feel even better. My relationships with other people and my general well being keep improving ever since I quit pmo and dedicated myself to become a better person. I still remember how I felt on that day, when my life was seemingly going nowhere. I was full of anxiety and doubts, not knowing if I even have what it takes to come back from such a low point. Somehow I just decided to sit down, close my eyes and take a real good, honest look at my pain and suffering for the first time in years. Right then, in that moment as I started facing my pain, I knew healing is going to be difficult but POSSIBLE, and I just had this feeling that I have to do this. That it will be worth it even if it takes years. And it all paid off, more than I ever thought. That's not to say that my life is perfect and nothing ever goes wrong. It does, that's just how life is, and we will never be able to change that. But we can change ourselves, and develop our true inner peace and happines, so that even if everything goes dead wrong - we can still smile about it :)

    I wish you all success in life, and I'll be here if you have any questions or just want to talk.
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    Did you face no libido during your addiction. I can not maintain my erection while having sex but during porn I could. I am facing performance anxiety aswell . Do you have any advice for me
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    Hey! Of course, I experienced low libido during my recovery. It didn't bother me though, I was too busy improving myself and I knew everything was going to work fine once my brain has rewired. I never had to deal with performance anxiety or ed and I'm not educated about the topics, but I'm sure if you look around on the NoFap website and forum you'll come across some very good tips. Best of luck to you, keep working hard and you'll reach your goals!
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    Wow. Truer words have never been said. Thankyou man.
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  12. It is when we are at our darkest moment that we most desperately need to see the light. Thanks friend, for providing a glimpse of hope!
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    Such a difference in how you look. The first one reminds me of seeing my own reflection in the screen after a loooong pmo session, tired looking eyes, feeling like everybody I talk to is wondering what the hell ive been doing to myself. The third one you look so healthy, incredible change. Well done on your success, thanks for posting about it.
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    Thanks for sharing Brother.
    It's very inspiring for someone like me who is in initial phase and is not able to get a streak more than 3 day. The last big streak I had was around 11 or 12 days many months ago.
    Can you please give me some suggestion on how can I start the journey well and get past 2-3 days. I have gone for 2-3 days many times but, I don't know something happens then and the urge becomes so strong but I know how harmful porn is for us and the the people performing it, so I am able to say no to porn easily but I struggle to softcore porn alternatives. My mind says, that's not as bad as porn. And , it leads me to Masturbating on those softcore videos.
    Please help me on how it get out of that initial stage because I haven't been able to get out of it for many months.
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  15. Tony Chain

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    I got new spark new energy after reading your post and looking your before after photos. What a journey!!!
    You have not only won for yourself, but you will be the reason why others will win... thats a great win over the evil for you and us together ❤️
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    Thanks for this. It’s an inspiring post with very good advice
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    I know this post was created back in 2017 but you have done so much and the outlook on life is good, how are you doing today my friend?
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    Hi! in late 2021, how do you feel? You completely erradicated PMO? I loved your story!
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    Thanks for sharing your inspirational story!
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    Its been over 5 months and i have been clean from PMO or even 3 or 5 min of porn . Its a huge change both in drive and motivation . I have been hauling manure and spreading manure for 14 to 15 hours a day. I thought it would be the best thing for me to reboot my brain because we all know what porn is like! Its sin! bondage! its gross and its wrong and degrading. I truly wish and hope that the evils of the world the porn industry every industry connected to this evil gets destroyed and exposed for the pain! and how it plagued this world with immorality . You know the saying same crap different pile its all the same porn is porn its destructive. Anyways long story short . I never drank or used narcotics before or smoked as i believe the word of wisdom is very important to me as i am a latter day saint . My pre frontal lobes are healing and my reward centers are healing and how i know because i am re wiring my brain! its a new start for Dave start and my story or recovery and healing will be heard! I struggled with mental health problems as a early teen and i went through abuse and trauma both sexual abuse and physical and chemical induced abuse as well and bullying . I had many set backs! in my life! I take my vitamins and minerals and other supplements and a prescription that alters me too with a ton of side effects! . I wont let the mental health system dictate my life ever again! i lost over 28 years because of them or was it my addiction or bad habit rather . I honestly can say im getting my life back and my story will be heard someday! i will stand up for those who struggle and suffer in silence! no one deserves to be miss understood including me which to this day i still am miss understood! .. I pray and hope more people will support me and my worthy goal to become who i need and want to become and for all the hospital trips and group homes and everything in between it was my fault but the evil people who i thought were friends who just wanted to destroy my life!. I wish i was just left alone with ADDHD instead of being abused and miss understood from the beginning and labeled everything under the sun due to mental health struggle and this weakness that emerged through the people i hung out with . Anyways I volunteer at the soup kitchen and homeless shelter and bishop store house over the years for so many years with no recognition but i get the blessings given that your not alone and god and the lord is always watching!... Everyone deserves to have a fresh start and to be supported in this journey . It will take me a while to forgive the people responsible for my set backs in life , like the gay community members and the satanic community members i didn't know where out to harm me from the beginning . I hung out with one native guy and a girl who was wicka and satanic and they used a weegie board on me and me myself never knew that about them and i always been a devoted mormon/latter day saint .. long story short it started when i went down to my friends basement when they were using the weegie board . I was a struggling teen at those years struggling on mind altering prescription drugs and my own labels the mental health system labeled me. SO anyways i walked downstairs and saw my 2 so called friends using a weegie board and the minute i saw it they said there going to make me a have a dog demon in me? At the time i ran out back upstairs and went to the front of the house and ran to my car it was a nissan pulsar 89. Anyways it was a cold day and my windows were fogged up and i saw a circle with a star in the middle . My friend that was downstairs walked to my car and i said who wrote this in the foggy window of my car? he replied and said it wasn't me bro i was downstairs checking this weegie board out . I replied and said that's evil bro! he said what ever you say. So anyways i left in my car and a few days later i hung out with those so called friends again at Henderson lake . these so called friends didn't have my best interest at heart and they wanted to destroy me . Well at the lake they made me act like a dog and told me to sniff this sniff that and bark and act like a dog? I found it strange ... long story short my parents were involved and they were upset and asked me why did i hangout with them! ... a this time i was in my puberty stage of my life! and it was a roller coaster from there and my whole life from then and till now was miss understood! ... if i told you every detail of my life it would make you wanna cry when it wasn't my fault but the evil people encountered and the systems we had in place at the time and till now! my life was miss understood and if only people knew the truth . My true charector and just to be clear i never broke the law i have no criminal record or violent past and i always had a heart of gold! I have always been yes born and raised lds (latter day saint) .. Its hard for me to wrote my full story on here but my life has gotten way better now! since NoFap! its truly a blessing that's for sure! I grew up in huge family Italian on my mothers side and English and danish on my dads side but mostly Canadian American duels. I am very close to my mother and family and hope they can see me get married and have kids someday. I am 38 years young/old and i will become a success story someday! My patriarchal blessing is finally coming true! its a true blessing! If you knew the truth about my life everyone would be upset i mean its cause a riot! to this day the right people know what happen to me and they are standing up for me! All i can do is forgive and forget and move on and live my best life in NoFap! NoFap is a true blessing! It would take me hours and hours to tell everyone on this blog my whole life story of being miss understood! my whole life! Anyways God bless! ciao!
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