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    This is a major major important point for me. When I fell into addiction I judged myself. My behavior and my morals and sex and what I do. Naturally I stayed away totally from sex and desire until getting caught by it again. I developed a no to the use of sex.

    I think especially Catholics and many onthe spiritual path have that. I think many do. That never works! This is absolutely the wrong way and creates a bad pattern in the mind that can be cause to sink deeper into the problem of addiction.

    When I discovered that one reason of my addiction is the no to sex and the strong force not allowing such a rubbish concept it was a major liberation. In my case i know this goes back into past life vows because of spiritual reasons and such things. I don’t say it’s wrong for a monk for a lifetime to live abstinent. But the person must be clear that this is not the ultimate solution to the fact of the sex energy and must clear at some point in his evolution this temporary split and integrate that vital life force in order not to develop a dangerous split as I did.

    But for here now just that the yes to it erased a huge struggle and energetic fight against something that is the essence of life. This fight is weakening substantially. When I ejaculated I felt I lost. I judged and all that HUGLY WRONG!!

    It’s not the sex that’s wrong. Not this energy. Not feeling aroused or attracted to a female form. That’s rather super normal and shows a healthy functioning brain.

    What’s wrong is how it’s used.
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    Are you talking about catholic guilt
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    Any kind of guilt towards the sex power that lead to denial suppression split and perversion. Any cause that might give one the impression or attitude that sex energy is anything other than most important most pure most beautiful and the base and essence of life.
    Catholic guilt spiritual guilt guilt because of your parents education and message or any other causes that create a split. This split creates a very dangerous cause for misuse and perversion.

    In my case it was spiritual causes and practices in my past lives with very strong vows that led to a split that was very very hard to overcome this life. The realization of this fact and the ability to embrace and find this truth was a major liberation. A major freeing up of energy and allowed to stay on a base where combating the addiction is way better and way more favorable.

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