Yesterday I got laid but (potential trigger)

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    so yesterday I was at around day 43-44. Last second some girl I know of but not close with asked me for a ride home from her friends house. We ended up smoking weed and I knew the whole time she just wanted it. So we ended up in the back seats of my car and were having sex. I tried to last as long as I could and I swear I never O'd during sex until yesterday lol. So I came and I swear I never let out as much as I did yesterday.

    So that over with, I dropped Her home and went to the gym and finished everything I had to do and then got into my bed. That's when the SEVERE chaser effect came in. I somehow managed to not do anything and eventually fell asleep. My dream was me having sex with someone else but I woke at a few hours into the middle of the night after.

    When I woke up my lower stomach hurt and so did my balls. I never experienced this before other than the times where I'd get blue balls. Fell asleep and woke up in the morning with the same thing but less severe.

    Was wondering if anyone experienced this before. Thanks
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    Hey bro,

    I usually experience this symptons when I have an erection and don't act on it... It looks like what happened to you as well.. You came back home, felt urges because of the chaser effect (with erections maybe?) and during the night since you dreamed about sex and this stuff you might have been hard during most of the time...

    So its normal, nothing to worry.

    And congratulation for not acting when u had urges!

    Let's win this.

    3 weeks for me!

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