Yesterday I lost my virginity. What happen

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by SpotlessMind24, Nov 18, 2016.

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    I am 22 years old, M.

    I was addicted to porn almost 10 years. Was depressed, lonely, etc. Never had a true relationship with girls, it was more like joke relationships, becouse I felt very incofident around girls, though I was and I am looking ok.
    I started NoFap 1 year ago, with many fails, record was 24 days. Still felt all that year shitty, but I was in right way at least.
    I am on NO PMO for 100 days+ now, this changed my life completly.
    I already described in succes stories thread about how I found one of the best jobs, and get promoted in only 2 months, how my speaking ability improved, how my confidence and motivation boosted etc.

    But I wanna stop at the moment, I meet a girl 2 months ago at work. She is very sexy, my penis get hard when I only see her. I never thought there will be any problems in bed. I always was very horny and my dick gets hard easy.

    But guess what. Few days ago in bed, my dick ofc was hard we were naked. But when the deal was to real penetration my dick get soft, becouse he was used to my hand and no this. I really wanted to have sex, but my dick basically didnt get hard enough.

    It was failure night, but she said its ok, we thought maybe becouse of hard day.

    Yesterday we tried again. Same situation, only in the end after 2 hours of touching kissing he got hard enough. Only oral sex kept him hard, and when she was fapping my dick with her hand my dick again super hard, becouse it was something similar to my fapping.

    I finally get inside her, but after 1 minute my dick went soft again. Simply becouse its not used to this kind of moves.

    I said her all the situation, and we will try again and again until my penis will understand that real penetration its the thing not fapping.
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  2. Headspace

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    Hey man,

    good to hear about your success in all areas of life. In bed, it can only get better. Once you get used to the feeling (which is indeed totally different from masturbation) it should work.
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    Hey man, congrats on finding a nice gf. I'm hoping to finally do the same after finding nofap. Thanks for sharing, it's encouraging even though it hasn't gone perfectly just yet. Good luck man!

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