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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Deleted Account, Jun 14, 2019.

  1. After hitting the one week-versary this morning I'd thought I was finally on track but unfortunately in the following hours hours I would PMO 6 times. What was the trigger? Youtube fitness thots in leggings. Could I avert the insuing catastrophe? Maybe, but I didn't. I opened up porn, then closed it, then tried to distract myself only to come back an hour later and relapse. After the relapse I promised myself I won't binge despite I'd never managed to avoid the binge before. Well, as I've already said, this time it ended up all the same. But why? What's the reason why, after seeing the first split second of porn, relapse and binging is inevitable?

    I came to the conclusion today that the answer is *drumroll* penis size. In the moments before I PMOd I couldn't think of anything else but wanting a larger dolphin. That thought comes to mind occasionally but not in such an urgent manner as it did after that first brief exposure of a lady with a horse organ in her orifice. "YOU NEED A BIGGER COCK!", my brain screamed at me every minute or so. After a while of this nagging, I broke down and opened the "catalogue". Then all was lost. When I think back to my earlier relapses, I remember that they went down in similar ways. I'm surprised I didn't realize this earlier.

    So now I know (a part of) what to do. In order to quit porn, among other things I need to rid myself of large penis envy. Except I've no idea how am I going to do that...
  2. koe06f

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    Wow, that's interesting, I never heard that before (not that I've heard a lot of stories). FWIW few women like dicks that are too big for them. They might wanna stare at a huge cock and admire it, but taking it in might be a less pleasant experience.

    So you most certainly don't need a bigger cock, unless you wanna have the upper hand in a fencing duel. Most certainly not to please a woman. Most certainly not to get pleasure yourself.
  3. It's just fine brother, try not to dwell on it.
  4. IGY

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    What is your erect penis size?
  5. Yeah, I don't think I'll get into a fencing fight anytime soon. I also understand I don't need anything but that doesn't stop me from desiring it. It's like an expensive car.
    You don't beat around the bush, do you? It's ~15cm (6inch?) long and 12.5cm around. Slightly under average.
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  6. Clean Willy

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    That is not under average! It is slightly above average. To have an average size penis and to be hung up about it sucks. This is really the fault of porn. The more you don't look at porn, the more you will accept your own penis so don't worry.
  7. IGY

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    Well, you are anonymous and do not show your face, so why not? :rolleyes: :p

    And I agree with @Clean Willy, you have nothing to worry about or be embarrassed about. :) Focus on your recovery man.
  8. Sadgirl

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    I think men get used to seeing mammoth sized penises in P and develop these penis complexes. I am a woman and believe me, we do not think about your penis size nearly as much as you think we do.
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  9. LusiBall

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    I have noticed this since I got in a relationship. She just talks about this topic when we make jokes.
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  10. Jonny1992

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    As long when they don’t make jokes about your Dick I am fine.

    But many man are afraid of it, so am I.
    The same problem do got woman with breast size.

    Porn ruins our self esteem.
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  11. jit788

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    Bro it is not under average. Average size is 5.5 inch and you have already got 6 inch.
  12. bfdet

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    Well, you know what triggered you: idle searching of 'tube videos. What are you going to do to avoid falling prey to this trigger again ? If you don't change your behavior and only continue doing those things you've done before, you'll get the same results as before: resets and relapses. Change your behavior.

    One day at a time is how we all succeed.
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