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    I know yoga has a lot of health benefits. I would like to know does yoga help with NoFap. and does yoga help cure things such as pe and ed as well as does it improve ones sexual health?
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    I would say yoga would be very complementary to nofap. So would any form of exercise. The thing with yoga is it’s mind, body and spirit so lots of bases covered. Yoga will improve health all around so yes that would include sexual health. You will have a better connection to your body, learn to control and focus your breathing, get better circulation to all areas of your body and internal organs, improve flexibility and strength! The list goes on, get out that yoga mat! Plus when yoga classes are running again it will be a great place to meet people.
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    I'm not sure it helps with NoFap but it feels nice and is good for you.
  4. ive never known where and how to start with yoga, im 18 and about 6,5 ish and due to my job i dont get much movement. Furthermore gyms still closed ive notices a greatening of how stiff my neck and upper back is, any tips.
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    Hi there, I've started yoga recently not nowing a thing about it. YouTube led me to Adrien, in some other movies people were recomending so I chosed this channel. Before I tried few just by looking trough but this namaste talk just... couldn't bare it. So far I'm on the 6th day and first two were demending, next two were quite simple, then so-so, today I didn't manage to finish one of the sets so its well combined I think. For me works so far, and I think that this whole yoga gices me a cool oportunity to say hello to my body after treating it quite nasty. Here's a link:

    Well, I cannot paste a link, not allowed, so just type in: 30 Days of Yoga - Start Here

    If You'd find something good, worth reccomending then let me know!
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    Yea I didn't like when they had that type of talk either. There are channels that don't do that though. I remember though yoga videos can be a trigger. Especially when lead by an attractive woman in tight yoga pants. Hope the stretches are going well
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    If you have issues like old injuries and such, look for therapeutically oriented stuff that explains the kinesiology explaining the anatomy and how it moves, maybe hip openers. Iyengar is generally good for proper alignment, not sure how well that comes through online though.
  9. I have no idea what Yoga has to do with sexual health, except maybe boosting flexibility for positions or something. It's just badass in general
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    Yoga helps make working out easier. And it's good to help clear your mind. I use Man Flow Yoga, found it on YouTube.
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    I use Yoga with Adriene every day, but there are some good male-led videos on yoga (search: yoga for men) if you find Yoga ladies particularly triggering (Adrienne is attractive but never provocative, and tbh once I learned the moves I rarely look at the video anyway, just use her voice as a guide).
    The 'nameste' talk can be a put off-putting, but I'm used to it now. Adrienne doesn't go overboard with it and frequently throws in a joke or too, it isn't po-faced at all. She just occasionally performs a move that doesn't quite suit my body as a man - certain parts of my anatomy get a bit squashed! - and there is a focus on core and hip strength rather than upper body. But you should be doing more vigorous exercise too - a bodyweight workout or using weights if you have them (or gym if it's open!), and occasional cardio workouts too.

    To be perfectly honest though, I think I get more out of Yoga than everything else combined - it effects the mind too. If you are having sexual problems because of lack of confidence and emotional stress, etc, than Yoga will cure you for sure. It can also improve your self esteem, your concentration and focus, your resilience, etc - all really useful in your nofap journey. It's not for everyone, but it really suits me right now. Give it a go!
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    It looks promising, more concentrated on muscles, after month or two with Adrien, I'm gonna check this out
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    Hi all, I was about to create a new thread when I saw this one and decided to jump in.

    Can any of you recommend a source of yoga routines, such as a youtube channel, that isn't lead by a half naked female that will almost definitely trigger me?

    Thanks all. Stay strong, brothers!
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    I just typed in "male yoga instructor" on YouTube. There seems to be plenty of channels my friend
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  15. I watch Travis Eliot on YouTube, I also listen to his podcasts. I prefer to do Yin Yoga as I get very hot doing other yoga practises.
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    Have you read Richard Hittleman’s Yoga 28 Day Exercise Plan? The book is amazing and at the end of the book it provides you with a routine you can follow for a lifetime. I loved it!
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  17. Kriya yoga is different from normal Yoga and gives you breathing techniques to redirect sexual energy as one of the main tenants of Hinuism is complete chastity outside of marriage. I highly reccomend Kriya yoga!
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    Hey guys , can somebody share with me effective yoga exercise for ED or PIeD , much appreciated.

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