YOU’RE DELUDING YOURSELVES – Recovery is not always possible!

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Depressed&Out, Jul 2, 2019.

  1. Depressed&Out

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    Okay, I had enough of seeing so many people burying their heads in the sand! Look…. there is not ONE research that studied the recovery of people from PIED – not one research. Yet people are more than happy to go around and spread around a misleading notion that recovery is possible for most people, if not all.

    This is nonsense! Just utter nonsense. Your hope and lack of balls to swallow the red pill is deluding you into thinking that it is possible.

    All this talk about recovering stems from few observations on message boards. YES… just a few observations of TRUE success story. SUCCESS, loosely defined, is, at an absolute MINIUM, that of someone being able to get his fucking penis erect when having sex, on a consistent basis with no side-effects after ejaculating. Who fucking cares if someone starts a fucking ‘success’ topic declaring success at not PMOig for three months! PATHETIC!

    The vast majority of people are fucked, most of them seriously fucked. And yes, I’m talking about those that have managed to beat the addiction by abstaining from Porn for 2,3,4,5,6 years plus!

    In fact, I even question the legitimacy of Gabe Deem’s 9 month recovery – that’s way too fast for someone that stared PMO at puberty.

    Also, Noah Church…. has he even declared if he’s fully recovered yet? I’ve seen a lot of his YT clips and I don’t recall him ever saying that his erections are back to normal, that his sexuality is back to normal. Not one. And yet here he is spreading around the notion that recovery is possible. He calls himself coach church and charges for his advice – come on…. Do you not see what’s happening here?

    I’ll reiterate again, all of those ‘success’ stories are filled with ‘minor success’ and not the success that we are looking for, which is: to have our 10/10 erections back (at minimum), libido back and healthy appetite for women.

    Enough is enough.

    We’re still understanding this PIED thing and now it’s another time for reflecting on PIED with a critical lens. Is recovery truly possible? Look at the so many people that have abstained for so long and are still struggling and look at the people that have recovered fully – do you honestly this it’s anywhere near evenly matched???

    Really, maybe Gary Wilson can do a lecture clarifying him comments that he made a while back – which is that of people may not recover.

    Seriously, you need to tackle this topic head on and stop burying your head in the sands and being absorbed into the comfort of others telling you that recovery is possible. No evidence of that whatsoever apart from the handful of people.
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    take your nagtivity out of here
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  3. Depressed&Out

    Depressed&Out Fapstronaut

    Again, you're burying your head in the sand.

    Nothing wrong whatsoever in questioning what could be nothing more than a false positive. Do you even know what a false positive is???
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  4. Where did you get the notion that Gabe recovered in 9 months? Have you even looked into Gabe's story? It seems not. It took him 15 months to regain a healthy libido and rid himself of withdrawals.

    Your post is in no way helpful at all and serves no purpose if you actually had any understanding on neuroplasticity, addiction related brain changes and so on. I can't even tell if you're being serious or not.

    I understand what you're saying about cases who recover in three months but what YOU must understand is that we are all different and have had different experiences with PMO. Some people caught this problem earlier on, some people fapped themselves crazy without even knowing they had withdrawal symptoms and thought that was how life was, you see what I'm saying?

    I'm telling you honestly that I myself was in a terrible place coming up to two years ago and even 9-11 months in plagued with unbearable anxiety and withdrawal symptoms that i wouldnt want to wish on anyone. They have all for the most part gradually died down now. So if that isnt recovery then I dont know how else to define that.

    Fact is for people who severely abused this it's going to take some time to get out of it, two years is not unheard of now-a-days. I've only picked up on some libido in the last month or so.

    I guarantee if you turn that 31 days into 310 days you will see what I'm saying.
  5. lss465

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    For a lot of people the 90 days challenge is just the beginning of a very long recovery. How can we repair something that we damaged for so many years? I don't understand why there is no research on this issue that would actually help us recovering faster.
  6. Pointlessaccount

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    Where's your evidence that the vast majority of people are fucked?

    To be honest I stopped reading "success stories" a long time ago because I think people go a bit over-the-top when they post them.

    You can count me as a "success story" of sorts, in that I don't have PIED any more and on the rare occasions that I have sex, my erections are great.

    I still "struggle" in the sense that I occasionally reset or relapse (usually to P-subs but on rare occasions to P). I've also got issues of other kinds that haven't been eliminated by recovery, but many have improved somewhat. People had problems before internet porn came along.
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  7. fellowBrother

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    Take a chill pill bro. There are people who are seriously suicidal who need encouragement and you just want to spout false information because you're angry. Dude you're on day 31. Give it some time. As for "proof" of remediation and recovery, I myself am on day 65ish and I just came out of a flatline and my libido is off the walls. I want to bang a girl really bad. My social anxiety is also a ton better and my overall anxiety seems to be falling off. Please remember that recovery is not always a clear thing; it comes in waves of very good and very bad. Eventually the good begins to outweigh the bad. Give it time
  8. So we should just all take our laptops back in the closet, close the door and give in?
    I got back to where I was before PMO issues but since I'm not some well known person or doctor I guess that holds no weight. If what I claim is true and I am the only person it ever worked for, hey, at least it helped one.
    What I'm getting at is that even if it isn't the cure all for everyone, it does help some so why declare it to be garbage?
    It's worth a shot at least.
  9. kropo82

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    I'm not doing this because of PIED. There are many ways porn can adversely affect one's life.
  10. Kiz Whalifa

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    Recovery is possible. That's the difference between a growth and a fixed mindset. It's inpossible to recover if you're living with a negative perception of NoFap, in general. It's not just for pied lmfao
  11. Anonymous86

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    @Big Lebowski , he is being serious. He posted the same exact thing on RebootNation.
  12. Sounds like your post was done out of frustration which I understand.

    Try to look at this from another angle.

    Your definition of success. Success Is going to be different for each individual.

    Success for me will be getting P and M out of my life completely and O with just a woman in a committed relationship. Success for me has nothing to do with how well my penis does or does not operate.

    Let’s say for argument it doesn’t operate right, (And the woman still marries me, I’m 100% sure there are women out there that care more about a man’s heart than his penis!!!!!).

    I can still give my future wife sexual pleasure in other ways. And I say it’s a success if I’m doing that without having P and M in my life, I think that would be great. I’m not concerned about my sexual pleasure. I’m mainly concerned about making sure she has pleasure. I think there’s great pleasure in that. Life doesn’t have to be about me.

    I think your definition of success is too self centered. I don’t want my sexual relationship with my future wife to be all about me. I don’t want my overall relationship with my future wife to be all about me. I would like to be a person that gives of myself to help her become a better person.

    Another thing to think about is age. I’m 52 this month. I’m never going to be able to perform like a 20-something ever again, not without drugs. IMO, saying that success is my penis operating a certain way is the wrong way to think.

    Success is me not being a slave to P and M and being a better person for family, friends, and loved ones.
  13. synthetic

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    In my experience addiction is so cunning that it will trick my mind into looking at recovery as being totally futile. Before I know it I am back in active addiction. It will also use anger, resentment, and fear as really good excuses to go and use too. Also, my addiction will speak to me in my own voice, so it's difficult to separate fact from fiction. That's when I need to talk about it with others to work out what's happening.

    I don't find comparing my recovery to others helpful in any way. I'm totally on my own path, and although I relate to others, it's my road to take. That said, I've seen people recover from being hopeless drug addicts in psychosis, living on the streets or in prison, to living amazing lives. I believe recovery from any addiction is totally possible, but it's going to be different for everyone. And it takes time.
  14. That's a nasty thing to tell people who are struggling so much.
  15. I've never seen a person who has more days than me saying that you can't recover. That's where he's wrong. Porn itself is a drug. Once you get addicted to it, it will be hard to come off. I was once a person who thought that this site & not fapping is wrong but when I looked at the bigger picture and saw what it did to me, I realized that I was wrong on being a naysayer on this site but once I joined & read Big Leb's story I realized that help is possible.

    You also have to treat this like a 12 Step Program where you know that you have to admit that you have a problem and seek help from others who were once where you were when you joined and see how you can end up on the other side and help new people. When I also made a link to porn being related to the 7 deadly sins and noticed that I have two of them I knew that I needed help. I'm also looking into how to block porn sites on my web browser as well.
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  16. Jerky

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    I am a PMO addict.

    I gave in to my disease 6 years ago and dived head-first into sexual depravity.

    I'm here now with 2 days,
    recovering one day at a time.

    We dont recover overnight, thats for sure.

    Recovery is a lifelong process.
    I am now willing to give my best effort each day and ask for help to do what i could never do alone.

    We recover together.
    In Unity there is Strength.

    There's no futility in having a desire to not give in to a corrupted primal function that, in this particular sense, serves no purpose other than empty gratification and the consequence of soul crushing defeat.

    We gain in our efforts, to become whole and remain whole. Even if it was hopeless to try, which it is not, we stand against our addiction and fight it with every ounce of determination we have, Together.

    Thats not futility,
    that's Courage, Faith and Perseverence.
    And the rewards for exhibiting these characteristics are Priceless.

    We have a choice today.
    Yesterday we were slaves.

    Today, we have a Promise of Freedom and Hope for a better Tomorrow.

    Never give up,
    No matter what.
  17. Hros

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    We're not all here because of PIED. P causes a lot of problems, but once you get on the right track of quitting, those problems start fading away. At this point in my life, the mere thought of P disgusts me so much. My thought process is clearer. I'm not depressed for days on-end. Etc.
    Hope you'll be able to stick to your reboot and see some positive changes as well.
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  18. GottaBFree

    GottaBFree Fapstronaut

    Not all ED is PIED. You probably need to pay the price to figure out what you have. And the price might be some faith in the system and dedication to making it work. And seeing professionals to figure out if you have ED or PIED might be in order too.

    I’m not here for PIED. But Porn is horrible. And I’m quitting. I know my brain could justify using Porn for lots of reasons.

    This sounds to me like a brain trying to get a dopamine hit. Depression anxiety and another desire for more dopamine... and emptiness is all that follows that path.

    Good luck to you either way. Don’t expect people who know the demon you are fighting to sympathize and tell you the demon is too strong. It’s not. It’s only strong if you believe it’s more than a craving for dopamine.

    Good luck brother. It’s just stupid brain stuff.
  19. Doupleastronaut

    Doupleastronaut Fapstronaut

    why do you say that the brain cannot be healthy? What are the irreversible damage of the brain?
  20. Pointlessaccount

    Pointlessaccount Fapstronaut

    I don't know if this is the case for the OP, but you get some guys saying things like they just relapsed but they were disappointed by their erection.

    Here's the thing: looking at porn, or even p-subs is NOT a good test! Neither is masturbating! If you spend a load of time doing NoFap and learning that porn is bad and masturbation isn't great, then it's not a big surprise if your dick is slow to respond to it when you're approaching it with that (correct) mentality.

    If you want to test it, get with a woman. That's a much more accurate test.

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