You are addicted because The Core Cause Goes Untreated

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by fishfoody, Oct 12, 2021.

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  1. fishfoody

    fishfoody Fapstronaut

    I will give you a free ebook that will help you to understand why we are addicted to pmo and what we can do to cure it.
    This book has opened my eyes about the danger of porn. It is a drug and your eyes are the target.

    Here are the excerpt of the ebook
    I hope we can quit this addiction forever

    The file is on the attachment of this post. Happy reading and stay strong!
  2. mdz

    mdz Fapstronaut

    This is not necessarily true. Psychiatrist want returning customers, so they invent that "you need to work on your child issues, decades ago".
    It can also give excuse for relapse by addicts thinking "Its okay to use porn or drink alkohol, since "my father was so controlling ". That is victim mindset, and that is the least you need addict or not.

    Most addicts run down the rabbit hole by boredom, exposure or curiosity (especially in youngsters and kids). Self medication is often used when you already are addicted.

    The best method is to simply work with the addiction first-hand (by abstaining cold turkey), and see the battle over addiction as a strengthening bonus for once mental health.

    Of course, going to a psychiatrist can be a good part of overcoming addiction, but if they talk too much about "issues in childhood" I would chose another one.
  3. 88991s

    88991s Fapstronaut

    Thank you for this book. I’ll give it a read. :)
  4. cavaleiro dourado

    cavaleiro dourado Fapstronaut

    Eu ouvi um podcast sobre esse livro, muito obrigado vou dar uma lida nele
  5. ElderStatesman

    ElderStatesman Fapstronaut

    Not so sure about this. My thoughts are in my journal so I won’t get into it all here. One thing I haven’t written about is that I’ve used drugs, gambled, and certainly imbibed plenty of alcohol. If I had some underlying problem, why didn’t I become addicted to those?

    Changing your life is a pretty broad, moveable goal. Put the concept on its head and it reads: “The best start to changing your life is to get off porn, dude.”

    Another thing I’ve ranted about is that the mental health industry has failed to cure addiction, but I also won’t get into all of that here.

    I do recommend the book “fishfoody” attached, though.
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