You are always just one step away from overcoming this addiction.

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Anurag12, Dec 29, 2017.

  1. Anurag12

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    I was exposed to porn at a young age, and it ignited a fire in me that I didn’t think I could ever make go away. Through this process, I no longer feel out of control. For the first time in years, I can look in the mirror and like what I see looking back.

    I finally understand why I had the feelings I had, and how to process them in healthy ways. I don’t beat myself up anymore, and I’m in a place in life that I never thought was possible. Its not a happily ever after world, but I am being real in my life.

    I’m no longer controlled by old feelings and behaviors. I am open with my girlfriend about what is going on in my inner world, and our Love is stronger than its ever been.

    Porn no longer rules my life like it used to. I like the life I’m living. This program is not a quick fix. It is a long term process of healing. And it works when I take the steps.
    Its all about choosing right steps at right time and this is the right time for me and for each one of us here.
    Stop daydreaming with porn and choose the path of reality which means.
    1. Reality of Pleasure full sex.
    2. Reality of Bullshit created in our brain due to porn.
    3. Reality of understanding being your own self.
    4. Reality of true beauty of women.
    5. Reality of all this Social Anxiety and other personality disorders created by porn.
    5. Reality of trusting and having faith in God.
    6. And the foremost is understanding the reality of this beautiful and God gifted life which was constantly ruined by Porn.
    Porn is a sin, it detaches ourselves from ourselves and also from God and this whole world which looks as if only porn, Masturbation and sex things are only left in life.
    Recovery begins when you start realizing and understanding your own self that you are a Human Being but not a masturbation or a sex machine.
    I am now able to find peace without Porn, Now I can feel myself that what is good or bad for me and choice is always yours.
    You are only one single step away from changing yourself and that single step is your valuable decision on your own self's life.
    I wish all d best to other fapstronauts.
    We are born to rise not to become slave to anything (Porn) its us who rule life don't make porn rule your life.
    God Bless all of you.
    Keep moving ahead on right path.
    Help,support and advice is always there for my other fellow fapstronauts.
    Thanks to Nofap for making me understand what right path is.
  2. What a inspiring story! Man I couldn't agree more, I'm so glad you're having success and I'm sure this will inspire many fapstronauts like me.
  3. Innervision

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    I totally agree with your approach! Fantastic words! When you get used to think on terms that porn introduced in your mind, in your way of looking life, is difficult to realize that all that fantasy is bullshit, made to colonize our desires and expectations. Focus on real life is the right way to proceed, and this implies its wonderful moments but, at the same time, moments of frustration, sadness, anxiety, etc. The path is not to avoid e run away from the sad parts of life, under the price of not living an authentic and real life. Thanks for your inspiring thread and keep the amazing job!
  4. Anurag12

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    Overcoming any addiction changes aspects of our life, it feels as if some burden from our shoulder have been shifted, its like being released from prison.
  5. Anurag12

    Anurag12 Fapstronaut

    I promise I will keep this amazing job as long as I can and I am never going back to porn ever because my journey towards living life has begun.
    Welcome you to the world of reality.
    All d best
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  6. You're an inspiration my friend !! Thanks for sharing !!
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  7. Anurag12

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    Each of us are inspiration to each other, that's the beauty of nofap is. We motivate and learn from each other. You might also b an inspiration to someone else.
    Thanks Buddy.
  8. awimbawe

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    Wow, your post really does inspires me, dude! Hopefully I can make it through the next days ahead, and to always be on the right path. Thank you so much!
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  9. Anurag12

    Anurag12 Fapstronaut

    Thanks Bro!! I was in the same condition as you r now, but man those Hell moments r much better, its a slow process but believe me - positive thoughts bring positive results and turns negative mind to positivity. You will appreciate like I am doing now, there were moments when I thought I would jump over thw bridge or kill myself but now I am hungry to live my life.
    All d best.
    Never ever give up.
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  10. I need more positive people in my life, I've been always a positive person, but life turned me in a negative one (tbh I let that happen). Is much easier to my mind has negative thoughts than positives ones, I'm struggling it.
  11. Anurag12

    Anurag12 Fapstronaut

    Brother!! I think not everyone is as lucky as you because what I believe is that God doesn't tests everyone, he chooses the strongest one and I believe I have passed that Test so far, which you will pass as well. Remember every successful man has some struggles throughout their life that's why they r called successful man.
    I think you can do it too.
    I am available for your help at any moment.
    You r not alone man.
    All the best.
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