You are just unlucky

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  1. When i was 18, a girl had asked me out 10 times. and i rejected her every time. she wasnt attractive then, she isnt attractive now either.

    im a 24 yo virgin. i never had another girl like me. its just bad luck. some guys meet girls that like them back, some guys meet girls that they dot like and some guys dont meet any girl at all.

    its nearly impossible to get laid if you are sub 8. getting a gf requires and absurd amount of luck you might as well forget about it and try winning the lottery, its more probable.
  2. Theory22

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    What is a sub 8?
  3. Infrasapiens

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    Incel crap.
  4. Theory22

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    Oh ok.
    What makes you feel this way? You think it's impossible to get laid by "all" girls or just certain types?
  5. TheSickBoy

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    Why should getting laid be the prime goal of life?
  6. johnmicormick

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    Who cares man,if you’re so obsessed with losing your virginity, pay someone. Get some goals, friends, find happiness etc.
  7. Peiskos

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    This site shouldn't devolve into some incel site where you blame your lack of success with girls on your looks.

    You could argue that everything in life requires a little bit of luck, from graduating school, landing a job, buying a house etc. But getting a girlfriend is mainly all about being confident with yourself, loving yourself and finding a girl who shares similar likes and interests to you.

    I got my first girlfriend at 24 and I lost my virginity shortly afterwards.
  8. You can improve your dating skills by starting a course on how to pick up and choose the right girl to start a relationship. There are many people that teach that, one of them being Doc Love. Don't make the mistake of learning from PUA (pick up artists, they only want to get laid).
  9. more like universal law
  10. all girls. i have tried with every single type of girl and stil got rejected
  11. and how will you release your urges? by fapping? or will you castrate yourself? also, reporduction is ou ultimate goal. its te only thing the bible and evolution agree on
  12. its not the same my dude. the point is to fuck a girl that likes you , if she doesnt its rape
  13. you just got lucky my dude. if you were luckier you would have lost it way before that. if getting girls was about being confident and all this shit i would not be an incel lol.

    i have doen some basurd amountof self improvement durng my 469 nofap streak and i didnt get anything. in fact, last week there was this 3/10 facially fat girl who tried to keep me as her online facebook friend. i got so sad, not at the fact that she didnt fuck me but at how crafty and manipulative people can be. i just blocked her.
  14. noone got laid with this crap. every person i know with a gf, it was the girl that made the first move. jfl at believing in PUA and approaching. approachingn women who are fragile and physically weak is a form of assault lol.
  15. Well, you're sub8, you believe it's all about luck and you are unlucky. Okay. What now?
  16. force myself to become asexual through mental abuse and nofap
  17. Infrasapiens

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    For incels who believe in said crap.
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  18. you are in denial. evemtually you will conform
  19. Infrasapiens

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    Just because I disagree with you, it doesn't mean I'm "In denial". I find ironic how incels claim to know everything about women when they know anything about them.
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  20. i actually have interacted with plenty of women and discussed these things with them. its not like i learnt this stuff form forums. and they were pretty legit tbh. one even showed me a video of her having sex with ther fuck buddy.

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