You are just unlucky

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Deleted Account, Dec 29, 2019.

  1. phwrancesco

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    you should seriously be banned from this forum.
  2. like you are nay better
  3. well no girl takes the first step with me so your advice is useless
  4. if you dont get laid horniness culminates

    its not a goal. its something i want that doesnt happen sadly.
  5. i know
  6. Infrasapiens

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    Actually yes, I could get a girlfriend if I were confident enough.
  7. buuuuut i thought noone deserves a gf because womyn are humen with thots and feeeeeeeligs
  8. it has nothing to do with confidence. u just dont hacve the looks. girls are the most superficial creature son this planet even ugly fat girls get laid with hot guys
  9. TheSickBoy

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    You won't ever get laid if you keep whining online. That's fa sure.
  10. whinning online doesnt affect my chances
  11. TheSickBoy

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    Well, it does.
    But you dont have a chance either way.
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  13. johnmicormick

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    This shit has to be fake, no one is this ignorant
  14. The girl's 'first step' is to stare at you (and smile) thus she's giving you a 'green light' and then it's up to you to come up to her. :)
  15. Infrasapiens

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    What a pathetic loser, your parents must be proud.
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  16. johnmicormick

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    No one:
    Mandala: I’m a 24 year old virgin
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  17. Sharksvv

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    No I didn’t get a girlfriend before that because I was addicted to porn and certain disgusting genres of it that destroyed my feelings of self worth and confidence. I had an unhealthy addiction, I was also smoking weed every day and I was in a deep depression, I was also drinking.

    That’s why I didn’t get a girlfriend until I was 24, I was in a hole, and with many issues, I was more concerned with jacking off to the best videos of my addiction I could find over anything else.

    Only when I hit rock bottom and decided to turn my life around did I get myself a girlfriend, that isn’t a coincidence.

    No offence but I find that many incels like to blame girls 100% for their lack of success with them, and take zero responsibility for their own shortcomings.. believe it or not but you also need to know how to talk to girls, girls are really good at sensing things, they tend to be able to smell desperation, awkwardness and most importantly negativity from a mile away, easily 3 of the biggest turn offs for them.

    Again this isn’t an incel site so take that blaming girls for everything rhetoric elsewhere.
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