You can always get around P blockers

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by iceman40, Oct 9, 2016.

  1. iceman40

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    P blockers are not 100%. Google images goes around it. Sometimes when I travel and the place or country does not allow P, guess what, Google images are allowed.

    My point is not buy the P Blocker and go to Google images nor is don't buy the porn blocker to not allowing yourself to stop watching porn. You can always go around it. Now if you are into some specific sites then the investment might be worth it.

    But if P blockers work then my all means use it.

    This P thing sucks!!!
  2. Fighter01

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    Hey man, I have same issue. If I were to have a job where I had to find ways around filters and blockers I would have been a millionaire! Thats when I started this new strategy...everything is unblocked. Thus I know I can access porn anytime(even with the blockers I would access it). As result its offcoarse allot harder but I believe Im eliminating that curiosity of whats behind the hedge(blocker). At first it might seem like Im being counterintuitive, it might be so for some, but I know that I am going to step over any filter because of my curiosity. I might last for 30 days, then I try and find my way around some filters to fulfill that lust and drive of curiosity. Offcoarse I then have to develop self-control to limit my internet use. Blocking and filtering is never the complete solution for beating PMO. No, it can be an aid to some. For me, I wasted allot of money on many filters and I always find my way around it. There is always a loop hole! Thats why I no longer rely on the filter but rather rely on sure will and allot of self-control and discipline. You choose what works best for you, and always remember that you are more than capable of overcoming this addiction.

    Good luck and stay strong.

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