You cant give up thinking fap/fap related stuff? here's a solution which works on me!

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  1. I tend to believe that getting a hobby is the biggest confidence booster and a mind clearing tool.

    Specially hobbies that take physical effort to do helps to clear the mind, learn and discover your body, get fit (not instant but slowly with time) and being able to defend yourself from any problems (such as being assertive and defending from a bully perhaps?)

    So If you want a hobby which will give you huge confidence, physical power, more assertiveness I would go with martial arts!

    Yes you there! You can do it! Dont see it as a "fight fight blood blood open wounds!!" sport.

    Martial arts in general (if taught correctly) can teach you the clear mentality and physical power at the same time!

    Another tip of mine would be doing meditations. Dont leave yet! Im not talking about those meditation sessions where you sit still for an hour and give yourself a hysteria, Im talking about simple fast ones! (Breathing exercises which you can do almost anywhere!) Here's a beautiful video about it!

    So in conclusion : Tire yourself out, being tired helps to not think about this whole fap shenanigans. Do sports! Specially martial arts! (Muay-thai,Karate,Taekwondo,Wushu,Judo,JJ,BJJ anything!)


    and last but not least dont overthink it, if you put stress on yourself about "not to do it" you will eventually want to do it.


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    Yes, I agree with you, martial arts have many beneficial things (exercise, friends, self-defense and more Confidence).
    Having a NoFap Daily increasing Counter is also a Confidence builder.

    Yes, and different people have different personalities/Interests/Etc......... so Any Hobby -- that the person Really enjoys -- can Positivelyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy engage the mind.... and body...... and help a person be Successful at NoFap :)
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  3. Yes exactly man! All the things you said also gets included in the journey of nofap

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