(You have insufficient privileges to reply here.) problem with NoFap en español group

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    Hi everybody. I've been a NoFap member since october last year, but recently the forum NoFap en español, had created a new group called NoFap en español.

    Several times I had tried on posting on the group due to improve my progress, but the problem is when this message appears by.
    (You have insufficient privileges to reply here.)

    Can anybody help me? I have already become a member of the group but seems that is not enough. Some of the administrators of the forum are my friends and I had talked to them but they don't see quite clear how to fix the problem. So please, help me. Is important for me feeling that I'm an active part of this community.

    Thank you very much
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    could you fix this problem? i cant post anything in the spanish group and i dont now why. thanks man
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