You just wait for the "brain-penis" connection to return

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by wlx3, Jul 27, 2022.

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    I remember being a teen and feeling the arousal just as much in the head and the penis in equal measure. But after PMO became a habit, the arousal was reduced by 98% and the arousal was exclusive to the brain. The penis like like an accessory to get more pleasure to the brain.

    For over a decade I thought it was the hair loss medication that severed the "brain-penis" connection but it wasn't... it was the porn!

    Today, I have achieved 33 days on monk mode and I've felt the brain-penis connection coming back. Like they're synching up again. It feels unreal! I was convinced I'd ruined it forever.

    So if you're struggling, just stick to NOFAP and wait for these sensations to kick in. I'm the most motivated I've ever been on this journey.
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    This is incredibly helpful to read, I'm on day 17, not losing hope but it's wonderful to hear the reset and healing are real and tangible, aweso!
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    I gotta admit that I chuckled when I read, brain-penis connection, but that aside, it's true and totally on point.

    Is funny the many things we lost sometimes without noticing, and when they return you are like, hey, I thought this was over for life, I haven't felt this in ages.
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    Omg, for real? I'm 100% sincere, this is wonderful to hear, I fear I've broken myself forever. I really needed to hear this tonight! Bless this place :)
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    Thanks for sharing!

    In fact, most of the bodily symptoms caused by PMO aren't "real diseases", they are not permanent.

    Many of us have experienced this. One day, we feel very ill after masturbating all of a sudden, and we think we are going to die. But if anyone of us try to go to the hospital or have a body check (which I did before), chance are that the doctors will tell you there's no problem with your body, according to their modern medical devices. The feeling of death is actually caused by disorder in the nerves, which occurs when we overdo PMO and deprive them of the necessary energy to function properly. The result resembles symptoms of some serious health issues, e.g. heart attack, strokes, kidney failure (kidney pain), difficulty to breathe..etc, but in fact there isn't any problem with the visceral organs.

    Similarly, many of us also experience mental issues, e.g. demotivation, anxiety, depression...etc. Most of them can be improved / completely cured through NoFap (given that the mental issues are caused by PMO in the first place). I learnt all of these from books and contents on Chinese Medicine, which makes so much sense to me.

    (Note: Long-term PMO and energy shortage can cause real physical problems in the organs, so don't let it happen, and take NoFap seriously before it's too late.)
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    This is really insightful i just saw ur post on Streaks and pied results so its good to hear youre making progress.
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