You know beyond scared stright?

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    Did you ever heard about this show?

    Anyways if you know about it do you know the bald officer in the show who's name is deputy lyle? I became as aggrasive as him literally. And i beliave he have naturaly high testosterone levels. Just look at his face and you will understand what i am saying.



    I also develop a personality simmilar of that of the inmate who's name is "big dragon" i tend to act like him but ofcourse not doing crimes or bad activities but using this peraonality trait in good things insted.


    Anyway yes i am so aggrasive but i am a good man and i respect others and i don't do crimes, i love my mom i kiss her hands and kiss her forehead everyday, don't be nice and weak guy and at the same time don't be a psychopath but be a good and strong guy insted. Be calm and relaxed when you need to be calm and relaxed, be hyber aggressive and angry when a situation require you to be hyper aggressive and angry.
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    This is domination behavior, to establish subordination and control. It is often used in the army and correction facilities to shape behavior, establish order and gain authority.
    This behavior can only be properly used if the person actually understands what he/she needs done and has no obvious alternatives.
    I would be very careful using this type of behavior often, unless you are surrounded by constant violence and have to maintain status within a group to avoid abuse(like in the "hood" or prison) don't do it.

    Just realize that this behavior attempts to match and overpower the will of a person it is applied to it is fine if you want to keep prisoner under control, it is not fine if you are talking to someone who is not aggressive towards you
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    Exactly :emoji_thumbsup:
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    One day you will make a thread about how much you admire Emperor Palpatine.
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  5. I would be very wary about how you behave around people who aren't being aggressive towards you because you will piss off the wrong person.
    By that, I mean you can potentially piss off someone who knows how to box/do BJJ and you're going to end up on the painful end of things. I've dealt with a lot of people who behave "aggressive" since I have started doing Thai boxing and wrestling and trust me, aggressiveness will be met with discipline and pain.
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    Aggression is a beautiful thing. It is a fire, and fire can be a light in the darkness, or it can burn away bad things to make room for the good. However, it can also burn away everything you love and care about if used improperly. It's about balance. You always want to have teeth and claws, but know when, where, and how to use them.

    A student said to his master, "You speak of peace, yet you teach me violence. How do you reconcile this?" And the master replied, "It is better to be a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a war."
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    Lol brah what the fuck are you talking about.
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    Thats so dark and deep wisdom man. Thanks:emoji_pray:
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